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    Rounded spines

    I see some makers do this regularly and also round the choil area while others such as myself not so much. I've made one blade with a rounded spine and have owned another from a different maker. Aside from being an extra step in the process I didn't feel that the comfort level was far superior...
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    Terotuf problem

    I've been using terotuf for most of the tac blades I've been making. Usually it sands fine and finishes like it should; rough but consistently black at 320 grit. I recently orderd direct from the company that makes it and it's not finishing at all like the first sheet I ordered from them. At...
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    Heat Treating 52100 blank

    Anyone able to heat treat a small blank in 5200 with a quick turnaround? It's about 9" OAL. Just need it at 59-60 HRC. I usually go to a commercial heat treater but I only have one blank and can't wait for the 1 month turnaround. Trying to get the blade finished by Thanksgiving.
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    What level of photo editing is too much?

    So recently I've been able to cheaply up my photo game. I'm curious as to what level of photo editing is acceptable and what level is unacceptable. I wouldn't want to sell a blade using heavily edited photos that makes buyers think they're getting something they aren't. However, I have to admit...
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    Recent Work

    Urban Menace hawk gaining momentum as more orders are coming in. Babcock hawk with tapered tang. Designed by an FMA practitioner after the Filipino Igorot head hunting axe and carried by active operators in the field.
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    More Spam

    I wasn't sure where to put this thread So feel free toOve it. I got a spammed again in the inbox. This time by Dennis Adams. It's bee reported. Anyone else getting spam?
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    Shop Weirdness stories; gremlins, ghouls, and plane strangeness

    I wanted to make a thread to vent my recent gremlins in the shop story (and my frustration) but I thought while I'm at I'd ask for your stories. Any story you'd like to share from gremlins breaking the shop to stuff constantly turning up missing. And for the person that makes me LOL the most...
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    Urban Menace

    Haven't been able to work in the shop much this past year. Seems like every time I try to move up to full time status something comes up and bumps me down to hobbyist. Anyway, here's a new design I had a little while back and managed to finish. Worked on it while catching up on the few orders I...
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    This is a variation of a hawk I made a little while back. It has changes suggested by seal team operator and weighs around 1lb. Steel is CPM 3V. Coating is Cerakote. [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG]
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    A friend's design made by me

    just wanted to share a friend's design that I recently finished. It's a prototype and was supposed to be cerakoted but time constraints didn't allow it so fit and finish are lacking. It's 1/4" A2 with a deep hollow ground channel in the handle, black and green linen micarta, and Corby bolts. It...
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    CPM 3V TDP

    Took a lot of time off left this and some other stuff laying on my bench for several months. Got some time over the last two days and have really been aching to finish some things up and start new projects. Finally getting this one finished. 31.75" OAL, 20-3/8" blade, 19-7/8" cutting edge...
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    When was the last time you guys were frustrated with something you were working on and why? I have had my first sword back from HT for a while and while I was working on it the motor on my grinder took a dump on me. I have a 2HP that I had stored but I'm renting my space and it isn't equiped...