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    Folder sheath

    roughcountry, It is not difficult to see that you know how to use a swivel knife----beautifully! I think you are to be complimented on the sheath for the design and construction---both superior. Of course (Oh Yeah!) It is nice when working with one of Bruce Bumps' master...
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    Leather Stiff After Dyeing

    Stiffness and rigidity of a leather knife sheath is a plus factor. Flexibiliity in a leather sheath is a NEGATIVE--Sandy
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    Leather tool quality explanation

    The question asked here is in regard to the quality of the tools in regard to the investment involved. This is a hard question to answer with authority as very few of us have used all of the makes that are offered. Most of us (even us old timers) when satisfied with a tool do not feel it is...
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    Happy Birthday, Sandy

    Dwayne, my friend, my Son-------that says it all !! The family that I have acquired through friendship and mutual interests------Is one of which I am very proud. Being called Dad or Pop, by those that are my self adopted children, gives me a great deal of satisfaction. Sandy
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    Happy Birthday Paul Long!

    Paul, perhaps we should start counting our age by the decade ? 80 and 90 both have two syllables, 8 and 9 each have one ! Think of the saving in time and effort-------------Sandy
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    Happy Birthday, Sandy

    Paul forgot to mention that he is turning 80-----------Neither of us is "OLD" we are just maturing----I am now fully mature, Paul is getting there---Thanks, my friends for the remembrance--Sandy
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    Questions about the uses of the different leather weights

    If you are making a quality product (and being adequately compensated) leave the split with W&C. It can be refinished but it will always remain an inferior material. It will not tool, stamp or carve. The splitting of the hide is described as "no charge". True enough---if they keep the...
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    Damascus and Sambar

    Looks great, my son!!
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    Going Full Time...

    Tracy---a day? How about several days? You are as welcome as sunshine, my friend. I have the room, the time and the inclination----nuff said? Sandy
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    USAKnifemakers Stage 1 knife kit Tutorial

    Josh, my friend, the tutorial and WIP that you have done here is ,by far, the best I have seen. It is concise, interestly described with easy to understand directions. You are not merely a "teacher" you are a man of knowledge with the desire to share that which you know. So many of our...
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    Going Full Time...

    Tracy, my dear friend, we go back a few years and it has been interesting to see the progression. from hobbyist, to craftsman, to a career change into something you obviously love. That you could stir the broth in so many pots is a testimony to your stamina and desire. I will always be...
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    Build along kit - We need 2 build along sponsors and some new makers!

    Teddy, thank you for your gracious reply, it is appreciated! I just thought that two different skills was a lot on the plate for one just starting out in the craft. Than I did some thought and realized that most would only make the one knife and a sheath had to an integral part of the whole...
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    Build along kit - We need 2 build along sponsors and some new makers!

    The project proposed here is one that I am sure will be most welcome to many would-be knifemakers. That it has been proposed by two friends is incidental---Yeah! Thank you, Tracy, for origiinating the idea, and to you, Josh for so quickly reponding to the challenge. Although I am (?) a...
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    micarta sheath

    Imagination, materials, the ability to use them, all adds up to a exceptionable piece of work. Thanks for showing us the finished beauties---------------------Sandy
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    sting ray inlay

    Haha-----guess I have been doing entry level work and thinking for over 70 years. Sam Browne studs have their places, particularly in period pieces. Sometimes they are referred as "buttons" which is what they were replacing. If this is so than I am also guilty of entry level work when...
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    Leather Carving WIP

    Josh, my friend, your tutorial is exceptionally well presented and the photograpy gives a very graphic display of your creation. I am flattered that you chose a design that you so graciously contributed to me. Thank you!! You know that you will always be welcome in my home and shop where we...
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    dress sheaths for some Randall's

    Roughcountry, there is nothing rough about your sheaths. Those are about as smooth as it gets !!! Sandy
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    A Good Sheath Tutorial?

    Mike, the afore mentioned posts are good info. Looking carefully at the sheath you displayed so well, I believe that the greenish interior of the leather is an indication that it is chrome tanned. This is a no no in sheathmaking. Use only vegetable tanned leather.
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    Leather Supplier

    It has been many years since I have failed to agree with Chuck Burrows. I think it was over how strong coffee should be! I switched over from Wickett & Craig to RJK leather and have been extremely pleased with the product and the service. The double shoulders are some of the best I have seen...
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    Utility sheath

    You hit the nail on the head, Travis! They do not get any better than Paul Long. When are you going to come back for a jam session with Chuck and Peggy Patrick? ---Sandy----