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    I thought for sure I had done this already, but since I just posted a trades wanted thread, I thought I'd better cover my bases Sam from the Toronto Canada area
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    NIST Guide-Rockwell Hardness Measurement of Metallic Materials

    Free E- book-Rockwell Hardness Testing- NIST Recommended Practices Guide Special Publication 960-5 NIST Guide-Rockwell Hardness Measurement of Metallic Materials A free government PDF document on Hardness Testing. Right Click and Save Link as, I can't get it to open directly...
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    Tomahawk drift from The Blacksmith Depot

    I have recently acquired a tomahawk drift from the Blacksmith Depot (Kayne) It's cast not machined and has a very rough as cast finish. For those of you who have used this before, would you recommend polishing it on a slack belt to get the scale and rough texture off before using it...
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    Tire Hammer Plans by Clay Spencer ?

    Image deleted by image owners request Ray Clontz Tire Hammer Plans by Clay Spencer These plans are for a 50 lb. power hammer that uses the rear axle and hub from a front drive car and emergency spare tire and weighs about 700 lbs. It is powered by a 1 hp, 1750 rpm electric motor, 120 or 240...
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    Quillion Dagger handle Twist Rate?

    In a Quillion Dagger handle, what do you consider to the the ideal twist rate and type? I did read the recent posts on how to do this, but didn't find this well addressed. 4 flutes is standard? vs 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, ??? If I assume that the handle is 4.5 inches long between guard and...
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    Well I guess it's past time to do this. My name is Sam Toronto , Ontario , Canada I've lurked on BF quite a bit before coming here too.
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    Sort -Knife Maker Personal Forums-

    On this page: In this section: Knife Maker Personal Forums Knife makers individual forums for visiting, support and sales. The forums are listed by makers name, but it is all over the place (...maybe in order that they signed up?) I have a hell of a time...