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    Zombie Hunter version 2!

    Hey I don't post much here but I wanted to share this- A good customer wanted a slightly different version of the Zombie Hunter. By slightly different I mean same steel and heat treat (differentially heat treated 52100 at .200 thick) but with a longer handle and shape and more of the BEEK style...
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    RRChopper V1- Mine!

    This one is 13+" of blade, almost 24" overall. 1/4" 5160 that weighs in at 2# 8oz or so. Very light in the hand for such a big blade. This one would be mine, except that I have to pay for a flight to vegas at the end of the summer and I will have to put it up for sale soon. :sad...
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    RRChopper V1- Mine!

    Well, I finally got around to finishing up my chopper. A couple of notes- This one is in .250 5160 differentially heat treated. My first scotchbrite belt finish since this is meant to take some abuse! Horse stall mat handles and has a kydex sheath (I messed up with the sheath and it scratches...
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    Persian with Mustard

    This is my Persian blade. #2 of the year (2010). Specs- 1/8 thick 52100, differentially treated in salt pot. Overall 10.75" Blade is 5 5/8" in a straight line from tip to choil. WSSI stabilized spalted maple burl with SS loveless bolts and tubing. Sheath by Maker, wet formed/hardened, dyed...
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    Frazee "The Curve"

    Daniel Frazee here (Crazy Frazee Forge). I just finished this one up. I have been trying to do better this year with getting projects actually completed instead of just starting a whole bunch and lasting forever. This is a new model I am calling the Curve (unless someone suggests something...
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    First "real sword?"

    When you see a pic hunk of metal you just have to think- I could make a sword out of that! Take one good american made farrier's rasp, grind most of the teeth off of the rasp side, forge a little, grind a little, wait, wait, mess around in the shop, wait........... 3 years after starting- get...
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    Looking for AR parts

    I am building up two different AR's. I have the receivers, now I need everything else! I am more than open to trading for goodies. Dan
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    Business license questions?

    I have now reached a point where I might actually make more than I spend. (Boy is my wife happy about that!) I am needing to get my business license and would like some help with what type of corporation etc. On one part, there is a question that makes me a little nervous. Will there by...
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    Stuff I make/made

    Here is a ring from Chad Nichols SS damascus I finished up this week. Rainbow ti chopsticks 3V Wasp (personal knife) Been doing a lot more than that. Trying to sell some stuff to pay for the Vegas show and the haul I am picking up at Blade West! (very expensive trip!) Dan