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    Maringer Vorpal style tanto fighter

    very cool, like the brass rivets n green !
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    Leather Carving WIP

    looking good ! well done
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    which etcher works well ?

    I'm gonna order the personalizer plus, after looking into it after all the recommendations ... sounds great ! and I'll definitely try some of Ernies stencils thanks again Greg
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    which etcher works well ?

    thanks guys I'll check into it
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    which etcher works well ?

    Hi I'm looking for an etcher that will put my mark on a knife, and do it very well not interested in homemade stuff, i've got no time to fool around i was going to get the etchomatic ...but i've been warned by several people that they often don't work well any help would be...
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    Quench Oil Recomendations

    Hi Brad houghto-quench 3440 is basically quench K but not as pure... and it will be abit cheeper... around +600 for a 55gal drum... the 55gal is the minimum purchase amount ... quench- K is quite abit more money for polymer... theres aqua-quench C ... and you can adjust the speed of...
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    Damascus & Wrought Iron

    Hi Gill boy oh boy that came out nice ... what a beaut !!
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    What's the best way to put a 3/4" hole in a 0.200" thick piece of XHP?

    think what Jim means is one of those annular cutters..... like an accurate hole saw
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    Programming a computer control, like an EvenHeat....

    if you look on the evenheat site theres a manuel to tell you how to program... its easy enough oh.. and they got some heat treat recipes hope that helps abit
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    Homemade stabalizing setup tutorial

    Hi i made a small tutorial on doin it with a fridge compressor.... and linseed oil and yes, full penetration... dependin on the wood... -if its hidden tang.. i finish the tang hole first and give it the dunk take care Greg
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    Nice one Gill hey, more pic's and bigger like the handle and the swept up blade cool bros !
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    Wootz stag bowie

    Hi here is a short vid of the furnace running.... charge was weighed to give an overall 1.5% carbon ingot take care Greg
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    First slip joint WIP

    Dude... that turned out so sweet ! your background definitely shows... that is a very nice knife i'd keep doin them... you rock Greg
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    First slip joint WIP

    jigged bone or stag... ... myself, i like the look of the jigged bone aslong as it ain't that weirdo yellows, or brite blue dye jobs... ... more like the darker colors that stag nice to see and you won't be embarrassed to pull that knife out of your pocket...;) by the way...
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    First slip joint WIP

    thanks guy's that is very good to hear.. awesome tutorial so far... 2thumbs
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    First slip joint WIP

    Hi J maybe this is a dumb question... do the liners have to be relieved in a round circle... or could you just do a sorta square .... i don't have a rotary table.. and i was thinking that maybe i could just do a square path... .. i don't think anyone really see's in there to tell how it...
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    First slip joint WIP

    hah.. i had a chuckle reading that... its exactly what i had in mind.. the drills now a days are such poor quality.. i usta go to the stores and check them out but i've been so let down... just extend the quil down and pull on it to see how much play.. usually bout 1/8 " .... ... i...
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    First slip joint WIP$Ntt=bandsaw%20blades$y=0$x=0 i think i'm gonna try a slip... just have to get a drill press first... funny, how i never had one in the shop...
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    First slip joint WIP

    hey J S i gotta dewalt porta aswell... the blade it came with wasn't good at all.. do you have a lowes near you... ? if you do... they got Lenox wolfbands there that are made to fit... think they gottem down to 24.. over here its about 20 bucks for 3 blades i'd love to do a...