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  1. G. Shahan

    Drop point hunter

    1075, stabilized spalted hormingo, and 410/copper/G-10 bolster. Thanks for looking. Greg
  2. G. Shahan

    Small hunter

    Here's another I just finished
  3. G. Shahan

    Large hunter

    Here's one I just finished
  4. G. Shahan


    I have not posted much lately but here are two I made several months back. Greg
  5. G. Shahan

    Rustic, (I hope)

    Having made new friends and been inspired by them in Little Rock. I came home and made this. Steel is from an old wagon seat spring I found. Scales are osage from an old root a friend gave me overlaid with copper. Pins are bronze. Hamon happened without any input from me. Thanks...
  6. G. Shahan

    Grandsons knife

    I just finished this one for Colby. Greg Shahan
  7. G. Shahan

    ABS prefomance test

    Not sure where I should post this but here goes. I spent the last week making knives for the test. Number five passed easy. This was harder than I thought it would be. Cant imagine how stressfull it will be when I do it for real. Greg Shahan
  8. G. Shahan

    American Valor Knife

    I was just finishing this so I could send it to Mr. Janik. When this happened!!! :what!::2: Any way Five stitches later and polish out the scratches from the knife sliding across the concrete floor. We have 9 1\2 inches of razor sharp W-2, bronze and iron wood. Thanks for...
  9. G. Shahan

    Gut hook

    I'm not a big fan of gut hooks but the guy with money to spend wanted one.:biggrin: Thanks for looking. Greg Shahan
  10. G. Shahan

    A pair

    Two I just finished. Both are 6 1/4", both are ELMAX, 8" hollow grind, belt finish. One is box elder and stainless, the other is ebony and bronze. Both have tapered tangs. Thanks for looking. Greg Shahan
  11. G. Shahan

    A pair for two brothers

    A young man ask me to make a knife for him and his brother. This is what I came up with. 1080 steel. SS bolsters/pins. one iron wood, one koa. File work, (I only do it when I cant get out of it) Tapered tangs.
  12. G. Shahan

    Small knife kick

    I am kinda diggin the little stuff lately so here's a pair I did last week. Both are CPM 154, hollow ground. Bolsters are bronze. Both have tapered tangs. One is elk, one is amber stag. 6 1/2" OAL, 3 1/4" blade
  13. G. Shahan

    Small fixed blade pocket knife

    CPM154 hollow ground scotch brite finish. Black palm with eleven 1/16" ss pins. 6 1/2" OAL 3" blade
  14. G. Shahan

    1080, Bronze, and Cocobola

    This is one I just finished. What do you think? Greg
  15. G. Shahan

    First kitchen knife

    CPM154. yellow G-10, black G-10 liners, and black carbon fiber tube/pins. Sorry about the bad photography. Greg
  16. G. Shahan

    Iron wood and copper

    Just finished this one. Not sure how I got those other two pics in here, but I cant seem to get rid of them. Thanks for lookin, Greg
  17. G. Shahan

    My new knife shop

    The construction crew finished the shell of my new shop today. Still need over head doors installed. Electrical contractor is going to do his thing in a day or two. I'll have a "clean" room for finishing, a couple of work benches, lots of lights, and a dust collector. Best of all, my poor...
  18. G. Shahan

    Small fighter/large hunter??

    This is the first knife I've finished in two months. Been a busy summer. W1 forged from 3/4 round. Koa. wrought iron and copper. 11 inches OAL.
  19. G. Shahan

    spalted maple hunter

    Just finishing up on this one. 1095 Spalted maple (stabilized) Bolsters are amber stag (left overs from another job) Pins are bronze Tang is tapered Red liners OAL 8 3/4 inches And a pretty good hamon Thanks for looking. Greg
  20. G. Shahan

    My latest project

    1080, bronze and she-oak. Thanks, Greg