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  1. bodam

    Few of my creations

    ok I'm going to try and post a few of the knives that I've completed, but I keep having issues posting pics. So here goes This knife is my camp style, 440c with spalted tamarind handle.
  2. bodam

    Hello from Houston

    I've been inactive for a long time, but I'm back and want to be more active again. Since I've been posting in threads, I figured I should re-I troduxe myself. I've been making knives for about 4 years now. Started by just putting handles on pre-made blanks. Then started using bar stock and...
  3. bodam

    Bodam knife thread

    I've only been making knives for about 6 months now. I started with a HF 1x30 and once I decided that I actually enjoyed it enough, I convinced my wife to let me buy an Esteem Grinder. I only do stock removal, and try to use exotic woods that I find local. I sway from CA finish to Tru-oil...
  4. bodam

    home stabilization

    I built a home stabilization set up yesterday, and I'm having some problems. The chamber holds vacuum, while the pump is on, but it will leak down with the pump off. So basically, I leave the pump running. I put the scales in the solution and run the pump, hoping for the air bubbles to stop...
  5. bodam

    CA finishing?

    I'm working on an Ebony handle, and normally I use a Tru-oil finish, but I was thinking of trying the CA method for this one. Is there a specific CA glue that everyone recommends? I have a Rockler close to my office, and I was going to swing by there during lunch to check out what they have in...
  6. bodam

    My first knives

    Here's one of my first knives completed. I think it's #7 actually. Rosewood handle with red liner. Tru Oil with matte sanded finish. This is my 3rd sheath. This one I kept simple with no tooling. Focused on straighter cleaner lines and crisp stitches. I think they both came out pretty good...
  7. bodam

    Custom Leather Stamp?

    Since I started leatherworking, I thought it would be cool to stamp my makers mark on my sheaths. Has anyone gone this route? If so, who did you use for your stamp?
  8. bodam

    First attempt at a sheath

    Here is my first attempt at a sheath. I went and bought most of the tools, and s bunch of shoulder leather. After a little practice on some scraps, I decided to go for it. I know it's not perfect, but it's a sheath! I would never have thought I'd be making knives and doing leatherwork...
  9. bodam


    OK, since I'm on my 6th or so completed knife, I really need to learn how to make simple sheaths for them, to get ready to sell or gift. I'm probably going to go to Tandy this weekend and grab a starter tool kit. Is there anything specific I should get? I really want to stamp patterns, etc...
  10. bodam

    My first completed knives

    Wanted to start a thread on my first completed knives. I will try and post them in order, so you can see if there is an improvement. Note, that I didn't realize that the blades had to be finished to at least 400 grit before HT. So when I got the first batch back, they had a rougher finish than...
  11. bodam

    Cutting scales

    This might be a dumb question, but how do ya'll cut blocks into handle scales? I've tried several ways, but I ruin the wood each time I try.
  12. bodam


    Looking for info on getting stencils made for a maker's mark. I've contacted TUS, but wanted some other options. I've tried to contact Lectroetch, but they won't respond. Any other stencil makers out there that have proven track records?
  13. bodam

    My first blades

    Hey guys. Just started making knives, been about a month. I'm working on very basic HF tools, disc grinder and 1x30 grinder. Anyways, here are a few that I've done. All are 440c with different styles and handles. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. bodam

    Why no 440c?

    I'm new to knife making, and typically buy only 400c, mostly for cost, and because Texas Knife Makers only air quench. I never see see any other custom makers using 400c. Is is there a reason? If it's inferior as a knife blade, is there a better steel that is air quench? I'd prefer to not...
  15. bodam

    new guy Cypress, TX

    New "knife maker" in Cypress, TX. Looking to meet some folks and learn as much as I can about knife making. I'm on my 4th knife now, and each one get's a little better. No where near the quality that I've been seeing out of other builders, but I'm have fun, so that's what matters.