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  1. Garry Odgers

    Russian Olive

    Nice stuff
  2. Garry Odgers

    Shop Tour

    Great tour, thanks very much for showing
  3. Garry Odgers

    Don Nguyen: Snakewood Kitchen Knife

    Beautiful knife and photo
  4. Garry Odgers

    New Off the Bench

    Great looking knife, would look good in my pocket[emoji3]
  5. Garry Odgers

    What's going on in your shop?

    They look good John, the red liners really add something to the cherry
  6. Garry Odgers

    Using Rockwell or Brinell use in your world?

    Thanks for the excellent information.
  7. Garry Odgers

    What are the best grinders that a man who wants to one day be a pro buy

    Don't forget the Wilmont Tag 101, a great grinder
  8. Garry Odgers

    Just purchased an etching machine and sine belts

    The personalizer plus is a great machine. So easy to get a great result
  9. Garry Odgers

    Knife #3 necker

    I like the design and your fit and finish. Looks ready for use. What type of timber is the handle?
  10. Garry Odgers


    Beautiful work
  11. Garry Odgers

    I got caught flat footed today.

    I really don't think you could do any more than you have. It's best just to describe your own product and leave them to decide if handmade is going to be the way. People seem to get the handmade idea or not. They are either fascinated on how you did it or will be happy with a $50 production...
  12. Garry Odgers

    new workshop WIP

    You have done a great job, looking forward to more photos
  13. Garry Odgers

    First kitchen knife

    Very nice
  14. Garry Odgers

    Cool little hunter/utility with some awesome ironwood...

    Looks great, would look even better in my back pocket
  15. Garry Odgers

    Big, Bad, Bowie, Build along!

    It is just so well made. A great combination of materials used that work so well together. Very elegant for such a big knife.
  16. Garry Odgers

    Old knife new sheath

    Looks good, suits the age and style of knife well.
  17. Garry Odgers

    Rumble Fish

    The lanyard Is very clever, looks good too. Love that knife, it's such a great design that really flows and looks great
  18. Garry Odgers

    New Year Resolution Knives

    A big effort there, all look great.
  19. Garry Odgers

    Integral handle Boning knife.

    They just keep getting better, beautiful knife
  20. Garry Odgers

    Clip-Point Hunter

    Thats a great looking knife, you should be very proud of that one.