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  1. ACLakey

    Knife accessories

    A couple that I know just purchased the Mrs. A new JK Unlimited. So I had to make her a matching knife. On a side note, I received an email today from a casting producer of my favorite TV show Forged in Fire. I have an opportunity to try out for the show...
  2. ACLakey

    More hate than love for Kirinite

    It's times like this when you shut the machines down and call it a night! This is the second time in two weeks I've had Kirinite do something unexpected. I love the way this stuff finishes but hate working with it!
  3. ACLakey

    Thoughts and opinions regarding A2

    Okay, let me preface this by saying I have only made a few knives with A2 but wanted to share my thoughts. As we know, A2 has a reputation of being a tough steel, relatively easy to sharpen and holds a descent edge. It benefits from a cryo treatment and with cryo performs well around 60 rc...
  4. ACLakey

    A pair of Hunters in Damascus

    A pair of Damascus Hunters with Type II handles finished this weekend. Damascus Hunter Type II in 1095 /15n20. Red Lava Kirinite, black micarta pins. #LakeyKnives Damascus Hunter Type II in 1095 /15n20. Micarta scales , aluminum...
  5. ACLakey

    Buckeye and G10 Hunter

    It's a work in progress, combined some G10 liners to some stabilize California Buckeye Burl wrapping it around a 1095 /15n20 Damascus Hunter blade... I might have to do one for myself sometime. More to come.
  6. ACLakey

    His and Hers Hunters

    My buddy liked the curved handle of my purple swirl knife and wanted a his and hers set of Hunters. It just so happens that I had two billets of Damascus left so here they are. His and hers Hunters in 1095 /15n20 twist Damascus with micarta scales, black micarta pins and an aluminum lanyard...
  7. ACLakey

    A classy drop point elk hunter in Damascus

    3.75" blade in 1095/15n20 Raindrop Damascus, micarta scales, white liners, aluminum pins and tube, mosaic center pin. Should make the elk hunting fiend of an owner happy.
  8. ACLakey

    Purple swirls

    The owner wanted a handle with a lot of curve....and purple. Twist 1095/15n20 Damascus, Purple Haze Kirinite scales, black micarta pins, mosaic center pin, aluminum lanyard tube, black leather sheath. I have a love hate relationship with Kirinite...I hate working with it but love the way it...
  9. ACLakey

    What adhesives do you use for laminated handles??

    I love the laminated knife scales similar to how Fiddleback Forge and Osprey Knife and Tool look. I have tried several different adhesives for laminating handle materials, mostly micarta and wood with liners, but have not been really happy with the results. Currently I have been using a slow...
  10. ACLakey

    Enough plowing snow.... I need to get in the shop.

    We've had 24" of snow the past few days mixed with -20 weather that has put a damper on the knife production. I have been able to do a little hand sanding on a pair of Damascus drop point hunters. These are coming out nicely. A buddy drew this one out and I ground it, lots of curve to the...
  11. ACLakey

    Knife makers gift exchange knife

    I received a very unique piece of low layer count 1095 /15n20 Damascus as part of my Secret Santa gift. Today I ground out a blade and got it ready for heat treatment. It's going to have a very cool tiger stripe pattern when finished. Thank you Jim Moenck for the billet and scales.
  12. ACLakey

    Rasp Hunter

    I made a 4" Rasp Hunter with a skull crusher and para wrap for an old friend. Merry Christmas
  13. ACLakey

    The last of my Christmas orders

    Man, getting sick last week made filling the Christmas orders a stretch. I made over 30 knives this month... My busiest ever. I made this matched set of drop point hunters for a guy and his brother in law. He had the blanks ingraved with a family members life dates. Drop point hunters in...
  14. ACLakey

    Looking at your early work.....and cringing.

    Have you ever taken a look at your early work and thought to yourself....damm...I owe this guy an apology. :-) let me preface by saying when I got back into making knives I spent a year putting handles on blanks, grinding knives and improving my fit and finish. I gave all those "gems" as...
  15. ACLakey

    Simple Hunter in Damascus

    1/8" Damascus 1095 / 15n20 Micarta handle, aluminum pins, white liner. I like the way this one turned out.
  16. ACLakey

    In the works.

    I couldn't sleep last night so I snuck out at 3:00 and started working. Gluing liners on scales These two are ready for handles For an Oregon Ducks fan I got my stencils today! I like! Now to finish the other dozen before Christmas.
  17. ACLakey

    Contouring handles

    Currently I'm using the 4" wheel on the bottom of my grinder to contour my handles. It's okay but I think a larger wheel would be better. I'm working on getting a 2x72 grinder with a flat platten, small wheel fixture and a contact wheel. I'm thinking about an 8" for stock removal and...
  18. ACLakey

    1084 alternative....80CrV2 maybe??

    I made several knives with 1084 and 1095 this fall and really like working with 1084 for whatever reason. I'm having a difficult time finding more steel and have been researching 80CrV2 quite a bit, it seems to be a solid performer, inexpensive and readily available. Currently I have simple...
  19. ACLakey

    Drop point hunter, made to be used.

    I actually like the way this one turned out, I am working on the funds for a big boy grinder but am learning the quirks of the Crapsman 2x42 1/8" 1095 High Carbon Steel professionally heat treated to 59RC Blade length 4.5" total knife length 8.75" Primary bevel taken to .010" before sharpening...
  20. ACLakey

    Drop Point Hunter strange hamon

    I made a simple handled drop point hunter that turned out a little different. I went to force a patina with acid and this strange hamon showed up so I ran with it. The camo micarta scales were a little thin so when I shaped them they didn't quite turn out as planned..anyways it will make...