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    1095 and Mesquite Hunter

    This knife feels good in the hand. It is intended as a general purpose hunting knife- gutting, caping, etc. Flat ground 1095 Ample Mesquite Handle Brass Hardware RC 58-59 8-9 oz. fitted, oiled sheath OL 8.75" $140 shipped USA
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    Hello from the Land of 10,00 Lakes

    Hello fellow artisans from Mahnomen Co. in NW MN. I began making knives in 2007. My primary focus is on fillet knives and hunting knives, although I make some kitchen knives, skinners, paring knives, and was recently asked to make a meat cleaver! I'm still thinking about that. I have a...
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    These 2 were made from the same whitetail rack. Both are made from .103" 154CM. I made the top one first and used brass hardware. I used 303 stainless for the bottom one. I like the bottom one better. I am becoming fond of 303. I think it looks classier than brass, but brass has its place...
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    Closed on my best sale ever today

    I hope you don't mind me sharing. I had a great time making this sale. I got a call from a 12-year-old boy who wanted to buy a knife. I have known this boy since he was born, as well as his 3 brothers and parents. He wanted a deer-hunting knife because he gets to hunt this fall he said. I...
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    ATS34/Zircote Hunter

    I haven't posted anything for quite awhile, because I got sidetracked with another adventure. But, I finished one last week. OL 8.25" Blade 4.125" ATS34 5/32" Zircote Brass pins 3/32" Comments always considered. Milt
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    Bird and Trout ATS 34 and leather

    This is my latest project. I actually made 2 of them for young guy who liked the fillet knife I sold him. Details are as follows: ATS34 1/8" stock 8" OL Zebrawood Scales HT to RC 60 Suggestions, comment welcomed. Milt
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    Hunter in 1080

    I still consider myself a Newbie, as I have been making knives for less than 2 years. I have received feedback about my handles being blocky and have been trying to make them better looking. So, I am asking for honest opinions of this handle and blade as well. 1080- 3/16" RC 60 Bocote...
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    Walleye Ripper

    This is my third fillet knife. My first 2 were a tad thick, but I managed to get this one thinner. It is .020" at the tip, a about thin enough I think. 12" OL 440c Diamondwood Scales Brass pins Comments welcomed. Milt
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    My First SS Hunter

    Up until just recently I have used only high carbon steel for my blades. This is the 2nd knife I've made from SS (440c). The first was a fillet knife. I made the sheath also. OL 9.5 inches 5" Blade Milt
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    Finishing Dymondwood

    How does one get Dymondwood to show a a high polish? I have been getting a nice finish with the buffer, but I have seen some handles that really shine. Milt
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    These are my latest creations. All made from the same template, but all a just a bit different. The top one has a Bocote handle, the middle is Rosewood, and the bottom is Zebrawood. Steel was 1095, 3/16". Satin finished. They are about 8 1/2" long. These were numbers 47, 48, and 49. I am...
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    New and Different For Me

    This blade is a bit different from what I usually make. This one was etched with my logo (I usually stamp) and is smaller than I usually make. It was also my first attempt with 4 pins. 1080 1/8" OL 7-5/8" Blade 3-5/8" Black/Silver Micarta 3/32" SS pins Next time, I will place the...
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    My latest

    This is my latest piece- a basic hunting knife. 3/16" 1095 8.25" OL Brass Guard and 1/4" brass pins and tube Hollow grind finished with a Scotchbrite belt (red), and flats sanded bright. Black handle liners (can't really see them in the photo) Imistag handle finished to 600 grit, then...
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    Hello, and here is a pix of my latest

    Hello Forum Members- I have been making knives for 9 months. They are getting better, and it is getting easier. But, this endeavor does have a steep learning curve. The fellows on Blade Forum have been very helpful. I am sure this group will be also. I have found that knifemakers...