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  1. Church & Son

    Mike Williams Gunstock War Club

    Very,Very Nice!!
  2. Church & Son

    Scrimshawed Knife

    SWEET!!! Good to hear you are still kicking
  3. Church & Son

    tomahawks metal questions

    That should be fine except I would add a couple of normalizing cycles before quench... A lot of stress is built up in that much forging... Also, just my opinion, but I like 'hawk cutting edges somewhat softer than knives... Mine tend to take a beating and see a file more than a stone...
  4. Church & Son

    tomahawks metal questions

    I do a lot of "wrap and weld" 'hawks using any mystery steel for the wrap such as files..ect, and then weld in a known piece of high carbon steel for the cutting edge.... Traditionally this is the way it was done because of high cost of high carbon steel.... Example, 1018 hawk body with a 1080...
  5. Church & Son

    Rust!!!!!!! Arghhhh!!!!!!!!

    Why....Thank You... I spend a lot of time aging/rusting blades so this is a "what not to do" thread for me...
  6. Church & Son

    Old knife

    Very Nice!!
  7. Church & Son

    Walrus and Cable

  8. Church & Son

    Rust!!!!!!! Arghhhh!!!!!!!!

    I love rust.....
  9. Church & Son

    English Trade Knife

    Nice'un....Love the squirrel.....
  10. Church & Son

    In Flokis style Dragon ship builders war axe

    Mate, I don't know where to start....AWESOME comes first!!! Dragons are my favorite pets, I wish we could incubate the eggs..I'd train them to protect the farm critters... Love the inlays and gum haft...... And my favorite Viking rune; Be your friend's true friend. Return gift for gift...
  11. Church & Son

    First Time Chuck Burrows' Style Sheath...

    SWEET!!! Nice stamping, never got the hang of that....Love those Mexican style sheaths.... And, you are right...Chuck's dvd's taught me a ton!!
  12. Church & Son

    One more

    And I thought you were dead...If so, death becomes you!! Nice Job, LOVE the Crow style beading.....
  13. Church & Son

    Elk Tine Bowie

    Awesome! That guard is SWEET!!
  14. Church & Son

    From Rasp again

    Looks great Mate!! Are those Brushturkey feathers? Love beadwork on 'hawks...
  15. Church & Son

    forge metal help

    It's a can of worms Terry...Kind of like veg tann vs. chemical tann eating up guns....I will not live long enough too see it... Just my opinion but I make knives and tomahawks out of anything someone else throws away...Old bed frames are my favorite... They all work like a cutting utensil and...
  16. Church & Son

    Moving some steel

    Sweet!! Good to see ya'll are surviving this nasty winter...
  17. Church & Son

    Farriers Hawk

    AWESOME Mate!!! Love the Gum haft and the embellishments... I wanted to throw a 'hawk last weekend and they all are gone..Time to see if I remember how to beat on hot iron.....
  18. Church & Son


    The blade is awesome and the handle made me weep....Enough said....
  19. Church & Son


    AWESOME as usual!!! Love that beadwork....