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  1. Longdog

    Koa Hunter w/Leather

    Got this little guy done today to help fund my Journey to blade next week :cool: Its forged from Aldo's 1084 and features a tapered tang, stabilized Koa, G10 liners, copper hardware and is all wrapped up in leather by me. -8" OAL -4" handle -4" blade Thanks for looking :D Please excuse the...
  2. Longdog

    Recurve Hunter w/Hamon

    Hey guys here is the newest knife to come out of my shop. Had it sitting on the bench for a couple months untouched and decided to finish polishing the Hamon and give it a handle. this is a very new handle shape for me and at first I had no idea how to shape it. So i decided to just go with the...
  3. Longdog

    Recurve Fighter w/Hamon

    Hey guys here is my latest knife. Please let me know what y'all think, as I'm always open for critiques or discussion about the build! :D -W2 white vinegar etched Hamon -Ironwood burl handle -416 guard, spacers and pin -Vintage Linen micarta spacers -Leather w/Deerskin liner and simple...
  4. Longdog

    A knife going "Across the Pond"...

    Hey guys heres my latest work! This blade is made for a collector over in England, and first off he was an absolute pleasure to work with. He saw one of my previous blades and wanted to buy it however it was already sold, and thankfully so! I say that because it gave me the opportunity to...
  5. Longdog

    Last Blade of 2015!!! little Hunter

    Hey guys, thought id post up the blade i finished maybe 30 minutes ago. ill post pictures of the sheath this evening when its finished... here are some preliminary pictures lol -hand forged 1084 -tapered tang -deep weight curly Koa -g10 liners and bolsters -all held together with copper pins...
  6. Longdog

    First Website! please check it out :D

    hey guys, just got my first website up. i will be adding lots more here in the future. its pretty barren as it stands but I'm open to any and all recommendations or comments. thanks guyzz!
  7. Longdog

    My First Forged blades - Small WIP

    Hey guys, over the last couple weeks i forged and finished my very first batch of forged blades. This was a culmination of allot of things. first i got my anvil (153# peter wright) which took quite awhile to hunt down! Then i needed a way to heat things up, as i figured that may be important...
  8. Longdog

    Sculpted Recurve Hunter

    just finished this little guy up today. has a few features i've never tried before. as always all comments, questions and critique are welcomed :biggrin: The blade is 1084 Oal 9.75" 4.75" blade, tip to guard 5" handle, front of guard on back Black g10 handle and stainless hardware. The guard is...
  9. Longdog

    Chopper/Fighter with some Crazy Koa!

    hey guys just wrapped this one up today. it was originally my first attempt at a fighter but when said and done, i think it leans more towards the chopper side of things. some beautiful deep weight Koa that i got from my buddy pete in Hawaii 1084 1/4" at ricasso tapering out. sharpened clip...
  10. Longdog

    THE GORDO! roach bellied skinner

    hey guys! just finished this guy up today. Due to the corpulent nature of this blade i decided to call it "GORDO". its my second hidden tang construction and to say the least i learned A LOT! tell me what you fellas think, I'm open to critique you can't hurt my feelings (too badly)...
  11. Longdog

    Just some simple Field knives

    Hey guys! just posting up some work that i got done over the past week or so. these are some field knives that I really enjoy making, although i've got some more "complicated knives" on the bench to be finished here pretty soon but i decided to focus on these and get em done, after all anvils...
  12. Longdog

    My first hidden tang!

    hey guys i haven't posted here in FOREVER! but heres my latest work :) so i finally got around to making a hidden tang. it was quite the journey! took me a tremendous amount of time to make as it felt as though i had started knife making all over again. each little thing on this knife was...
  13. Longdog

    Three new Hunters for the holidays!

    made these out of 1/8" 1080. its new design for me and i got allot of great feedback from it. also have a nice little sheath design for it as well! tell me what you guys think and any critiques!
  14. Longdog

    Laminate is cool, right? Fixed blade EDC

    Just finished this one yesterday, still needs a sheath. The little guy fought me all the way but i reigned victorious! anyhow tell me how you guys like it and thanks for all the inspiration and information on this site. -Mark Cooke @longdogknives 1/8" 1080 from alpha 6.5" OAL Tiger Wood...
  15. Longdog

    EDC Knife "DewClaw 2"

    Got this one finished up last weekend, nice little everyday carry knife that was made to be used and abused. although the sheath is compatible with a large tek lok, i opted to try and mold my own belt loop. what y'all think? thanks! -Mark 1/8" 1080 6 3/4" OAL 3 1/4" Blade paper micarta...
  16. Longdog

    The "DewCLaw" EDC style fixed blade

    The DewClaw, first of many! My idea of an EDC fixed blade 1/8" 1080 6 1/4" OAL 3" Blade jade g10 scales black g10 liners black Micarta pins Gun Blued Patina Finnish Large Tek Lok Compatible kydex sheath Three finger grip for all the manly men and 4 for us skinny dudes.
  17. Longdog

    Bocote Drop Point Hunter!

    Just finished this guy up today. It was a whole lot of fun, but presented me with many challenges that i had to work around, but as always it was a great learning experience. It still needs a sheath and final edge, but i got anxious to snap some pics! Tell me what you guys think! thanks. knife...
  18. Longdog

    The "Mancha" Drop point Hunter

    Finished up my 11th knife today and i Nicknamed it "Mancha" (spanish for stain or spot). this was the first time i tried anything other than a hand rubbed finish, i used ferric chloride and sand paper/steel wool to get this patina etch look. I think there is a little carbon banding present in...
  19. Longdog

    New hunting Knife Completed! #10

    Alright Finally got to my tenth knife! This one was allot of to build and i"m pretty happy with how it came out. This one is for an east Texas Bow hunter. The wood is harvested and processed here in Texas which is kind of cool i think. Anyways what you guys think? -Mark Cooke 1/4' 1080 Spalted...
  20. Longdog

    Completed a new knife today

    This is my 9th knife that i just finished up this mornin. I experimented with laminating different materials together for the handle and it was a really fun experience. Learned allot through this knife and had a blast making it. I still need to make a sheath but anyways here it is, any criticism...