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  1. Mconner

    Old Belts?

    Has anyone come up with a way to re-bond the joints on old belts? I have a lot (over 200) of 3M Trizact A45 belts that I got from an estate sale but they are undoubtedly old and the splices just won't hold. I've tried every adhesive that I have to try and re-bond the splices with no luck. I hate...
  2. Mconner

    A Christmas Gift for my Grandson

    Finished this one today. RWL-34 blade at HRC 60, mirror polished with Mammoth Ivory scales and red spacers. Left side carry sheath since he's a southpaw. Mike
  3. Mconner

    Another Tool, Another Step in the process

    Just got another tool for the shop. I've been using a worn out old hand held hardness tester but now I'll have a little more confidence in the readings I get. It was just calibrated and I got a load of standards with it.
  4. Mconner

    Mirror Polished Blades?

    Do you guys price your knives with mirror polished any differently that a blade with a satin or bead blasted finish? I've been finishing up a knife for a customer and have spent way too much time getting the mirror polish just perfect. It's been a while since I've done a mirror polished blade...
  5. Mconner

    Salt Pot Question

    For those of you using salt pots. What type of salts are you using for both high and low temp pots, and where do you get it? Thanks in advance, Mike
  6. Mconner

    Almost Ready

    Just like marking the blade and it's out the door. Same customer bought two knives but I forgot to take a pic of the other one before I shipped it. 154 CM 3 3/16" from the tip to the scales and 7 7/8" overall. Maple burl scales and stainless Corby's and lanyard tube. Mike
  7. Mconner

    Spalted Box Elder

    I had a sizeable part of a box elder tree that is right by my shop get blown down a couple of years ago. Knowing that there can sometimes be some nice wood in these trees I stacked the larger pieces by the shop in a rack. Well the other day I picked up a small chunck of it and took it in the...
  8. Mconner

    Another Damascus

    Her is another Damascus. I got this billet years ago from our own Bob Warner and finally got around to making a knife out of it. Came out pretty good in my opinion considering my limited skills. Hollow ground Damascus blade with an Ivory handle made from and old walrus tusk. It has copper...
  9. Mconner

    One for my oldest grandson.

    I finished this one a couple of days ago for my oldest Grandson. He's 9 and has been hinting to me that he needed a knife for deer hunting. So this what I came up with. Hollow ground Damascus blade that is 3 3/16 from the tip to the stainless bolsters and 6 7/8 overall. Handle is Walrus Ivory...
  10. Mconner

    Hello All

    Just thought that I'd post here as a new guy. Bob Warner recommended the site to me so you can blame him. :biggrin: I just gotten back into making knives after a long time of not getting to work on any for reasons that no one would care to hear about but it's sort of like riding a bike. It all...