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  1. ACLakey

    A pair of Hunters in Damascus

    Thank you. I purchased the billet and ground the blades.
  2. ACLakey

    Knife accessories

    A couple that I know just purchased the Mrs. A new JK Unlimited. So I had to make her a matching knife. On a side note, I received an email today from a casting producer of my favorite TV show Forged in Fire. I have an opportunity to try out for the show...
  3. ACLakey

    skulls damascus going to China

    That is some awesome looking steel! I might be interested in some, can you PM me some ordering details?
  4. ACLakey

    More hate than love for Kirinite

    Epoxied the chip back in, shaped the handle, now I'm sealing the joint with CA glue before wet sanding and polishing. It won't be perfect but it will be functional.... The dead critters won't mind. :-) It was a tighter that normal fit when assembling the scales, I am most concerned about the...
  5. ACLakey

    More hate than love for Kirinite

    Thanks for the tip.
  6. ACLakey

    More hate than love for Kirinite

    It's times like this when you shut the machines down and call it a night! This is the second time in two weeks I've had Kirinite do something unexpected. I love the way this stuff finishes but hate working with it!
  7. ACLakey

    Tru Oil vs. Ca

    To add what Ed said, I also apply a single coat to stabilized woods and also Micarta before buffing on a clean wheel. Even Micarta finished to a rougher, grippier finish will clean up nicely.
  8. ACLakey

    Thoughts and opinions regarding A2

    Okay, let me preface this by saying I have only made a few knives with A2 but wanted to share my thoughts. As we know, A2 has a reputation of being a tough steel, relatively easy to sharpen and holds a descent edge. It benefits from a cryo treatment and with cryo performs well around 60 rc...
  9. ACLakey

    A pair of Hunters in Damascus

    A pair of Damascus Hunters with Type II handles finished this weekend. Damascus Hunter Type II in 1095 /15n20. Red Lava Kirinite, black micarta pins. #LakeyKnives Damascus Hunter Type II in 1095 /15n20. Micarta scales , aluminum...
  10. ACLakey

    Fileworked Hunter w/ Koa, hamon, damascus fittings...

    That is an absolute work of art.
  11. ACLakey

    Buckeye and G10 Hunter

    For the life of me I can't figure out why the resolution is so low when I post pictures....oh well.
  12. ACLakey

    Buckeye and G10 Hunter

    Damascus Hunter in 1095 /15n20 with California Buckeye Burl scales, G10 liners, aluminum pins and lanyard tube and mosaic pin. #LakeyKnives The owner should be happy with this one.
  13. ACLakey

    Buckeye and G10 Hunter

    It's a work in progress, combined some G10 liners to some stabilize California Buckeye Burl wrapping it around a 1095 /15n20 Damascus Hunter blade... I might have to do one for myself sometime. More to come.
  14. ACLakey

    Five knife order with African wood

    Check out Cook Woods. They are local for me cut ship globally. They always have Zebra wood and other African woods in stock.
  15. ACLakey

    His and Hers Hunters

    My buddy liked the curved handle of my purple swirl knife and wanted a his and hers set of Hunters. It just so happens that I had two billets of Damascus left so here they are. His and hers Hunters in 1095 /15n20 twist Damascus with micarta scales, black micarta pins and an aluminum lanyard...
  16. ACLakey

    skulls flippers

    That is an amazing pattern, Awesome work!
  17. ACLakey

    re-introduction back to the forums

    Welcome back, I'd like to pick your brain on 80crv2 sometime.
  18. ACLakey

    Moms new AEB-L skinner

    Nice follow through Walt. The knife looks like a keeper, she'll love it.
  19. ACLakey

    4 inch Hunter in Walnut

    Very nice knife