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  1. Dwane Oliver

    A Few of My Recent Knives

    Ive been gone from all knife forums for a while , just had life Here are a few of my recent knives Hand forged 1084 Differential hardned Copper handle Here is one made from Alabama Damascus Stab Bog Oak handle Water Buffalo bolster with mosaic pin Here is one made from some HHH San...
  2. Dwane Oliver

    Damascus with Scagel inspired Handle

    I found the Deer shed years ago and knew it needed to be a handle someday, I found it the other day and decided it was time to realize its future. 13" OAL 7 1/2" AB Damascus Blade , 2 1/2" at its widest point , .250" thick at the guard with a full distal taper , full flat grind. Scagel...
  3. Dwane Oliver

    Oliver Knives Feel free to look around the website. Check the Video section for some of my how too's Thanks Dwane
  4. Dwane Oliver

    Stag and Wrought Iron

    I made this med sized hunter for my brother in law to take to work, and show his coworkers , and hopefully get some orders :punk: I really wanted the grain of the wrought iron to run with the handle, but the wagon wheel I had wasn't thick enough. So I forged a piece down to about 1" square...
  5. Dwane Oliver

    Forging Press Design Question

    So I have finally gathered and scrounged enough materials to build a nice BIG forging press. I want a single post press, I dont know what else to call it , that you can work from 3 sides. Looking around the web and around here , I see some nice ones , like Mr Bumps...
  6. Dwane Oliver

    Some Linerlocks I Just Finished

    Here are some linerlocks I just finished up. 3.5" S30v blades , .060" 6AL4V Ti liners and G10 handles running on Phos Bronz washers. Custom Logo for the customer. Thanks for looking Dwane
  7. Dwane Oliver

    Happy Birthday Mr Robinson

    Happy Birthday Don , I hope you have a wonderful day Sir. Don inspired me many moons ago , I really look up to him. Dwane
  8. Dwane Oliver

    Personalized W2 Hunters

    These are for a regular customer in Wy. He has been buying his family members knives for a couple years now. These are #'s 7 and 8 for him. They are all based off the same general shape and theme. Gets a little boring , but pays the bills.:biggrin: These are user knives( More affordable , scotch...
  9. Dwane Oliver

    I'm Back

    If anyone cares. I took a bit of a hiatus from the forums. I was just real busy with life and trying to get back into the swing of things ( knifemaking ) Now I'm trying to get caught up ( making knives ) I did get a new website off the ground. Had a new grandson. Made 10,000 miles on...
  10. Dwane Oliver

    Christmas Blowout Sale

    I was set up to go to a show this weekend , but I just have too many orders to get done. I figured I just as well sell these , rather than them lying around collecting dust. Some have oil on the blade for storage. All prices are shipped and insured in the Con US. I accept PP and Check or MO...
  11. Dwane Oliver

    Buffalo Hunting Set

    These were a custom order. S30V blades , 3" and 5" Tapered tangs on both Buffalo Horn Handle slabs Nickel Silver bolsters and pins The EDC is hollow ground and the Hunter is flat ground. The Hunter got a plain boring black leather sheath, and the EDC has one IWB and a regular OWB , both...
  12. Dwane Oliver

    Desert Camo Kirinite Handled hunter

    I won these Kirinite handle slabs from the Boss Made this knife just for them. 4" CPM S30V blade 8" OAL Distal taper and tapered tang Convex edge Brass tubes and pins Brown Kydex Sheath with Tech and Molle compatible attachment points. Thanks for looking , and THANKS BOSS...
  13. Dwane Oliver

    WTB Knives Illistrated November 2006

    WTB Knives Illistrated October 2006 Just like the title says , Knives Illistrated november 2006 , there is an article in there about a colab knife that I need. EDIT: its the October issue instead PM me or e-mail me Thanks Dwane
  14. Dwane Oliver

    New Linerlock and a few Questions for the Pro's.

    I have made 2 linerlocks in my whole time , this one being the 3rd. I wanted to make one that would be a bit more affordable, but still uses top quality materials, I think I will have achieved that goal. I came up with this design, a bit stole from a POS EDC I had , and the rest from my...
  15. Dwane Oliver

    Unique Fighter

    SOLD Pending PMT !!!! I finished this one a while back , thought it was sold and the guy backed out. 5160 with the forged finish left on , copper guard and butt cap, black G10 and copper spacers. Aged Elk horn handle. 6" blade 10 3/4" OAL , Handmade leather sheath ( not pictured ) I...
  16. Dwane Oliver

    Forged Beauty

    Here is one I just finished up for fun. 5160 that I left the forging finish on. Copper guard and butt cap. Spacers are copper and black G10. I textured the guard and cap too. Elk horn handle , it had laid out in the sun for a few years , it was real white when I started. I soaked it in cherry...
  17. Dwane Oliver

    Gunslinger in Black

    This is a Gunslinger that was ordered. 6" blade of Alabama Damascus, Tapered tang. The guard I forged out of a piece of wrought iron wagon wheel ring , the wood on the handle is Bog Oak that was carbon dated to 5460 years old, nickle silver pins, That is a real 1886 Morgan silver dollar, I domed...
  18. Dwane Oliver

    Feather and Stag EDC

    OAL - 6 3/8" hidden tang Blade - 3" hollow ground Feather Pattern Damascus from MS Bruce Bump guard and buttcap - wrought iron Handle - Stag with 1 brass pin Sheath made by me as well , I was trying to make it look well used , but cleaned up. I prefer check or MO , but PP is ok . $260 +...
  19. Dwane Oliver

    MITH Knife

    I was fortunate enough to draw Mr Bruce Bump's name in the recent MITH here on the forum. He sent me this great little piece of Feather pattern damascus and some Stag horn...and a bunch of other cool wood to. I had also recently recieved a wagon wheel ring from my father in law......WOOO HOOO...
  20. Dwane Oliver

    San Mai Damascus from HHH Makes 2 Great Knives

    These are bolth for the same guy. 1200 layer San Mai Damascus by the infamous Randy Haas Jr over at HHH Knives :biggrin: I got this steel from Randy a while back, just finally got around to using it. Chainring bolts holding the G10 handles on. Both have tapered tangs as well. The bigger one...