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  1. Rossi Knives

    Cavallo Rossi Series: Forged Aluminum

    Hello Knife Dogs, This is a series of four knives that I have been chipping away at for a while. You might notice only three here. I was getting these ready for the NCCA show and one managed to sell before I could get a pic. Apart from my individual pieces, I will be offering themed series of...
  2. Rossi Knives

    American Style Tanto class in December

    Hello Knifemakers and potential Knifemakers, I will be teaching a three day class December 17-19 on making American style Tantos at the New England School of Metalwork in Auburn, Maine. We will be making full tang, cord wrapped, Japanese inspired knives using the stock removal method...
  3. Rossi Knives

    Kris Thumbnail

    Hi Knifedogs, I just finished this up yesterday. I like making these "Thumbnails" and my customers seem to like them as well. This was chisel ground out of Starrett O-1 with a forge finish handle and a heat colored butt. I inlayed green Europium glow power on the bevel side and aqua on the...
  4. Rossi Knives

    Knifemaker from Maine

    Hi Knife Dogs, My name is Nick Rossi and this is my first post. I was directed to this site by Wayne Coe yesterday while hanging out at the New England School of Metalwork. I am a member of a few "other" knife forums and Wayne said this place was the best. So here I am. I currently live in...