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  1. J.Higgins

    Those that own a KMG

    I've had a KMG and a Bader in the past, and I was not happy with either work-rest. Seems like the folks who produce grinders do not consider the rest to be much of a feature, and what we get on this end is a rest that was made just to check off a box on a list and not very well-designed. I made...
  2. J.Higgins

    15" flat platten?

    What are the advantages of having such a long platen?
  3. J.Higgins

    Tapping Ti.. What is the secret?

    I always use cutting taps, and tap-hole sizes from the chart, and rarely break a tap. I always use a decent tapping fluid, a tapping jig, and a plug tap. For thicker Ti, I use a taper tap, which gives a more-gradual bite, and does a great smooth job. Avoid using a tap wrench... that probably...
  4. J.Higgins

    Stag and Wrought Iron

    I'm a big fan of WI. That knife looks great, Dwayne.
  5. J.Higgins

    Damascus wakizashi

    I'm no expert on Japanese cutlery either, but danged if that don't look scrumptious!
  6. J.Higgins

    Thoughts on making work rest slick?

    Make a new rest. Mill 1/8" deep x 1/8" wide slots - 1/8" apart, on the rest so that when attached they are perpendicular to the wheel or platen that you are using. Insert into the slots 1/4"x1/8" key stock, and get hardened key stock or precision-ground and hardened flat stock if you can...
  7. J.Higgins

    New Surface Grinder

    I want to chime in on the kudos parade! That little grinder looks like a clean machine. Very nice!
  8. J.Higgins

    opinions on neck knives needed.

    I agree with Laurence. Passion is what drives us to make knives. Set the neckers aside for a while and try something else. If the spark is still there, you can always blow it back into a flame when the need for a necker arrives again.
  9. J.Higgins

    Why I quit doing my own stainless: the MATH

    If I cant do it all, I won't do it at all. :3:
  10. J.Higgins

    Kool mist question

    Okay I will tackle this one. :les: My first suggestion is to be sure that your belt is fresh and new when you get to the thinner stuff. It really helps to prolong the time in which you can hold your blade to the belt because the grit is sharp and thusly cooler. Much cooler. Another thing to...
  11. J.Higgins

    Stokes Bros Rasp

    That's going to be a brute!
  12. J.Higgins

    Shop Lighting Question. advise. needed

    I like a lot of light. Got to have it at my age, hah! I do think its possible to have too much light though... I was just at HD tonight, and my my my - I could just go nutty in the lighting dept there. They got a new high-output fluorescent shop fixture that is pretty bright. Really bright, in...
  13. J.Higgins

    Huey Lewis Was Right.

    Good advice, Tom. I am not really sure what I want to with this. I will definitely pay tribute and make it a nice unit again. If the motor runs strong I will probably leave that for a while and focus on getting it completely sano.
  14. J.Higgins

    Wet grinding setup

    Yes indeed that sounds like a good idea. Jeremy, I would be interested in hearing how messy it gets. In my mind, its either messy and wet, or messy and dry.
  15. J.Higgins

    Huey Lewis Was Right.

    Any ideas why? Do you think its all the sheetmetal? Was your unit the one that screams at 8600fpm? That may be why they are so loud - its probably the rpms. I guess I will have to experiment a bit once I refurbish it. Perhaps a liberal dose of rubber here and there will quiet it down a...
  16. J.Higgins

    Huey Lewis Was Right.

    I just looked at the Jet version on MSC. Its almost $3000!
  17. J.Higgins

    Huey Lewis Was Right.

    Its hip to be square! Found it on Craigslist for $100. It needs some TLC, but I am sure it will be an acceptable setup. Now my next question will be: Can anyone please advise? My previous grinder was a Bader, so I know little about these square-wheels, so do any of you know where I...
  18. J.Higgins

    Chuck Gedraitis 2014 blade show knives

    Handsome stuff, Chuck. Very nice! Wish I could go to Blade and see ya.
  19. J.Higgins

    A good source for distiller water.

    A caution to anyone handling A/C condensate: Please be careful, because condensate is linked to Legionella bacteria, which causes Legionnaire's disease. I'll leave that stuff alone, and instead buy my distilled water from a local store. A few gallons on hand is cheap insurance.
  20. J.Higgins

    WIP - Harpoon Bowie

    I wonderful WIP, I must say. That knife is gorgeous. I'm happy to see someone who designs and executes their work straight from the heart. Its good to see something that doesn't look like a rerun of someone else's work.