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  1. J.Higgins

    Huey Lewis Was Right.

    Its hip to be square! Found it on Craigslist for $100. It needs some TLC, but I am sure it will be an acceptable setup. Now my next question will be: Can anyone please advise? My previous grinder was a Bader, so I know little about these square-wheels, so do any of you know where I...
  2. J.Higgins

    Kitchen Oven: New Tool for the Shop?

    I scan the Craigslist ads a lot. I'm always looking for a deal on stuff I like, and of course, stuff to get my knifemaking shop going again. One of the things I came across this morning was a nice Maytag kitchen stove with the flat top and all stainless, and I thought - why not have one in the...
  3. J.Higgins

    Hi Everyone

    I'm Jeff Higgins. I used to be a knifemaker. A lot of you know me already. I left knifemaking a few years ago, and took a real job. It was probably the biggest mistake of my life. Everything went downhill from there. I was making some good cash, and had some benefits. That part was good...