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  1. Ernie Swanson

    Not exactly new but.....................

    Just stopped buy to do some looking and reading. How the heck is everyone? I know most of you dont know me but some will remember me. Have not been on much since around 2012. Had back surgery and never made a knife after. Thinking about starting the grinder back up!!! I know with the popularity...
  2. Ernie Swanson


    How is everyone doing? Long time no see!
  3. Ernie Swanson

    Back Surgery

    Well, I had back surgery yesterday. It went ok but I am in lots of pain and move really slow. I hate drugs so I take as few pain killers as I can. I hope it work and the pain is gone once I heal. Otherwise I have to get a fusion. Sorry, had to vent.
  4. Ernie Swanson

    Holster for my single six

    I built a holster for my Ruger Single Six and thought I would share. Finished it a few days ago and just got around to taking some pics. I wanted something that was not 1 solid color so I dyed it with light brown and used a piece of leather that had a bit of grain to it. This is the first...
  5. Ernie Swanson

    looking for 1/16" steel

    Looking for 1/16" steel for making a fillet knife. Anyone know a good source? I only need 12" Not sure what steel I want to use yet. I am not going to be too picky LOL
  6. Ernie Swanson

    **** 3rd Annual KnifeDogs Mith Giveaway ****

    KnifeDogs 3nd annual MITH giveaway Sign up is now Closed A couple years ago I got the idea of doing a materials giveaway, it was a secret Santa type giveaway. It went very well with lots of participation. I am hoping more participate than last year but I would love to do this again so here...
  7. Ernie Swanson

    Ummm.......Its me!!

    Well, Decided to stop by and say hi! Sorry I have not posted much lately......Well ok in a long time. I was busy driving truck, had to move the shop, then back in September I hurt my back and have been going through hell with that. Still facing surgery, fusion of the L4-L5 and L5-S1...
  8. Ernie Swanson

    Due to a series of unfortunate events

    I am not going to be making knives for a while, I am going to try to build 1 or 2 a year but not sure when I will get the oppertunity to build one. I will be listing some of my equipment up for sale like the ht oven and nw grinder frame, and a few other things. Sorry if this is going to effect...
  9. Ernie Swanson

    Looks like we have another lanyard maker in the pound :)

    In a recent order to USA Knife Maker Supply, I ordered 3 25 foot sections of paracord, I figured I would try out makin' some lanyards. Well.......I love it. I am having a blast. I made a small monkey fist, slip on bracelet for me, keychain, 3 lanyards, a slip on bracelet for my 3 year old...
  10. Ernie Swanson

    Guess What..........I had my first interview

    Well, I have had my first interview as a knifemaker. I am extremely happy with how it went and Dan is a great guy to talk to. Thanks again Dan!
  11. Ernie Swanson

    Elmax with Nickel Silver and Buffalo Horn

    This is my 19th Knife, Its built of Elmax. It contains a few firsts for me, Bolsters and a machine finish. This is the first and probably only knife I did not hand sand the blade. Thanks for looking and feel free to comment! OAL - 9 7/8'' Blade - 4 3/8'' Handle - 5 1/16'' Blade is 3/16''...
  12. Ernie Swanson

    Ernie Swanson's Kralle

    Ernie Swanson's Kralle The Kralle is one of my new models, I will be doing a run of these but this is my first one made. This one is made from Indian George's cable damascus. Heat treated by Indian George Himself :) Thanks for looking OAL - 7'' Blade - 3'' Handle - 3 7/16'' Finish - 400...
  13. Ernie Swanson

    Ernie's Elmax Build and Test!!!

    A while back Tracy gave out a few bars of elmax. I was lucky enough to get a bar to try out. I decided to to a full flat grind with a machine finish on this one and throw on a set of bolsters. (thanks James) These are both firsts for me. I handled it with Water buffalo horn, with Nickel Silver...
  14. Ernie Swanson

    RR Spike

    I just got a RR spike and was thinking about saving it to make a knife when I get my forge built. I was wondering it they are made out of hardenable steel and if so does anyone know what steel they are? Assuming they are all the same.
  15. Ernie Swanson

    Reheat treating a blade?

    Last weekend I heat treated and tempered my first knife, I sent it out to get tested and only got 55rc. What would I have to do to reheat treat this blade? It is 1095.
  16. Ernie Swanson

    #19, Elmax test knife, couple firsts for me.

    This is my 19th Knife, Its built of Elmax That was provided by Tracy at USA Knife Makers supply. It contains a few firsts for me, Bolsters and a machine finish. This is the first and probably only knife I did not hand sand the blade. I feel like hand sanding puts more of me in each knife...
  17. Ernie Swanson

    #18 for a returning customer!!

    This one was made by request for a good friend of mine!! He picked out the design from my design book. Thanks for looking, comments welcome!! OAL - 6 3/8'' Blade - 2 3/4'' Handle - 3 1/4'' Blade is 1/8'' CPM154 mirror finished Scales - Green dyed stabilized box elder burl Pins -...
  18. Ernie Swanson

    Official pics of finished #17

    I just finished the sheath for my Sharpfinger style knife made using Indian George's cable damascus. Here are the final specs and pics!! Thanks for looking and remember......Comments are welcome!!! OAL - 7'' Blade - 3'' Handle - 3 7/16'' Finish - 400 grit hand rubbed then etched Scales -...
  19. Ernie Swanson

    Can someone do a hardness test for me please?

    I am in the middle of tempering my first knife that I heat treated with my new oven. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to do a hardness test on it for me? thanks
  20. Ernie Swanson


    I am mirror finishing a blade right now, I currently am using the small buffing wheels in my drill press, I have white and brown compound. I want to get some wheels for a buffer I have and some new good compounds. What wheels are best and what compounds should I be looking at getting...