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  1. Joe Cabaup

    Grinder/Belt Question

    I had an ebay VFD. It was good for a couple of months and went up in smoke. Tried enclosing it in a tupperware container but kept overheating. I finally bit the bullet and got the KBAC with a 2hp motor. The control is great. I know for a while this expense was off the table so I used a...
  2. Joe Cabaup

    Grinder/Belt Question

    Once you are able to slow the belt down to 40%, adjust the tracking so the j weight belt hangs over the side of the platen. Start in the middle of the blade and gently push towards the bevel. I finally tried this last night and it put in equal bevels! The less weight (thinner) of the belt...
  3. Joe Cabaup

    Blade show?

    I went on Friday and wandered around for a while. It was my first time going and it was a last minute decision to go. I had hoped to meet some knifemakers from my old area (New England) that I knew and meet new knifemakers from my new area (South Carolina.) Not so much luck on either front...
  4. Joe Cabaup

    stainless san mai

    I have seen san mai blades where the outer layers were stainless. I also have seen 1911 slides made out of different stainless steels. It can be done, I've never done it, yet. I'd be interested in learning more about it.
  5. Joe Cabaup

    Annealing, yet still snapping while bending.

    I did this for ages with good results. I went back into the shop and found an old blade which I left in the forge overnight and bent the tang back and forth twice until it fatigued and tore. I was trying to find a better method of annealing in order to make the steel even softer. I think...
  6. Joe Cabaup

    Annealing, yet still snapping while bending.

    Brad: the last one has a very fine structure like the one in top. This was the one that I quenched then brought back to a dull red. The one which just went into the vermiculite look more like the one in the bottom but just a little finer. Doug: some smiths on this board do quench then...
  7. Joe Cabaup

    Annealing, yet still snapping while bending.

    Hello all, I have been having a strange problem lately, I have been having annealed blade snap while bending Normally when forge a blade using 1084FG, I normalize it, then heat it back up to red and put it in a trash can of vermiculite overnight. I messed up a grind bad, to the point...
  8. Joe Cabaup

    The greatest video I have ever seen.

    2 Gross in one day! Wow. I will be lucky to get one in a day.
  9. Joe Cabaup

    Knife Makers vice and sanding fixture?

    For a sanding vise I use a 2" angle iron with a quick set clamp ( and use different thickness leather scraps to fill in the spaces. I mount the angle iron in my bench vice. No welding, just drilling to mount the quick set clamp. I've...
  10. Joe Cabaup

    Frustration = Discovery!

    Thank you for this, I've been doing smaller knifes just to avoid the frustration of handsanding the large ones.
  11. Joe Cabaup

    Question: Stacked leather knife handle

    I have made a stacked leather handle a while ago. I used the threaded bolt and nut press to compress the leather before gluing but I moistened the leather before hand to aid in the compression. I also used wood glue to hold the leather washers together. The result was a solid leather handle...
  12. Joe Cabaup

    Feather Fighter

    Thans for sharing! I am becoming a fan of your fighters as your lines are wicked!
  13. Joe Cabaup

    Box full of little 5160 plugs... What to do with it?

    Very tiny knives?????
  14. Joe Cabaup


    Finally got a chance to log on. The apartment still available for overnight Friday and Saturday?
  15. Joe Cabaup

    ABS New England Hammer-In. Anyone going?

    Yep, it's in my back yard. I will be there for all three days. I am hoping to have my cutting knife (which I forged last year there) ready.