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  1. Stew

    An appeal / Photobucket just committed suicide!

    So photobucket has taken the decision to change their business model so that there is no free hosting of pictures on to forums and other 3rd party sites. It's odd because some folk don't seem affected where as others are. The charge is $400 per year which is criminal and akin to a ransom note...
  2. Stew

    The Original Kephart Knife Examined

    Thanks to Mesquite over on BCUK posting a heads up to this article: Quite interesting - an original 'kephart' model seen at blade. The blade being thickest in hte centre of the blade...
  3. Stew

    How far do you Corby?

    So, corby bolts. When countersinking them, I generally leave a bit of the post sticking out the far side of the tang like this: so it sits in both scales. However, do you think not having it going through to the opposite scale is acceptable for strength? I know it's not a lot different...
  4. Stew

    Homage to the Hoodlum Hellhound

    This was a long time in the making, with three more to come (one day!) I think it's a good thing when you are sending knives out but wish you could keep them for yourself. :D
  5. Stew

    A transformation of an F1 and a Trailie!

    Rubber thermorun handles removed and some micarta added. Sounds sooooo simple. :rolleyes: Tangs were reduced on both, holes added for corby bolts, stainless guard put on the F1, micarta rebated for the tang with a 2mm spacer of red G10 between and choils added - all as requested. It won't suit...
  6. Stew

    A vegan friendly knife - stacked birch bark and hessian sheath.

    an fun journey this one. :) Stacked birch bark and laburnum handle with brass at the front and rear. Sheath is made from hessian sacking, hardened with fiberglass resin, with a wooden liner inside for the blade. Twine wrapping at the top made from strands of hessian twisted into...
  7. Stew

    Help ID a knife maker please!

    Hi Guys & Gals, One of my fellow brits posted this on a different forum and i thought someone here may be able to help. :)
  8. Stew

    Tubing frustrations!

    So lanyard tubing...... It occupies too much of my time. I would hope that I drill an 8mm hole and with only a little bit of effort get an 8mm bit of tubing in place. If it's a tight squeeze, thin tubing collapses and deforms where solid bar can be encouraged through. I have got decent...
  9. Stew

    A Damascus Puukko

    Just finished this one and ready to go in the post. All the work is by myself - blade, handle and sheath. The blade is forge welded / damascus steel from 15n20 and CS70. When I forged the layers together, cuts were made in the billet then it was further forged down to show the...
  10. Stew

    Spyderco Endura IV Re-Grind - Splinter picker!

    It's a Spyderco Endura 4 where I have re-ground the spine to have a false edge. It was done by hand, no jigs involved! I did play around with a jig on a practice piece but it didn't seem right in the end so just went for it by hand. This is how it looked originally. As you can...
  11. Stew

    Micarta blocks?

    Anyone know of supplier(s) of micarta in blocks? I seem to recall it's hard to find. Thanks. :)
  12. Stew

    Glow in the Dark scales?

    Anyone know where I can source some please? I'm struggling to find any! Thanks. :D
  13. Stew

    The love of the Integral knife.

    If I had to choose one style of knife for ever more, I would choose the forged integral. I don't really know why I love them. I can't describe why or what but I know I do. Gerhard Wieland often posts his work here and they are often quite complex but I don't know if he has posted this one...
  14. Stew

    New handle for a Cold Steel Trailmaster

    Just finished this one for a chap who wanted the original black handle replacing with something a bit better looking. So, a block of stabilised Horse Chestnut burr, some buffalo, brass and a nice mosaic pin to finish... Plenty of handle space for different holds.
  15. Stew

    The Paradox of Choice!

    Anyone seen this before? I saw it a while back and it's something i remember well. I'm just thinking about grinding belts and have been for a while - the video is quite appropriate for me as there's so many choices of belt that I get paralysed...
  16. Stew

    Sub-hilt design - a start!

    So a little while back I got this blade off Jamiemackie: I was at the hammer-in when he made it so when he put it up for trade, I had to jump on it. I instantly thought sub-hilt and when I spoke to Jamie after I received it, he told me he had thought the same - destined to happen then...
  17. Stew

    Wanted: 9Cr18Mo Spyderco Mule

    Anyone have one for sale by any chance? Slim chance, I know, but if you don't ask then there's no chance :D
  18. Stew

    Show some Subhilts

    Just been browsing round at them on various forums. What's your top pick of the pics you've seen? I'll post some pics in a bit.
  19. Stew

    A James Wood / Stewart Light Collaboration

    Knife by him, sheath by me. :D (My second attempt at stamping)
  20. Stew

    How would I get a pic of my work in Blade mag?

    I know, I know - it sounds quite a arrogant question! I couldn't think of a simpler way to phrase it - sorry! So last year, someone bought me a book. I can't remember the exact title, but somethign like 'Best of Blade mag'. I assumed i wouldn't find it too interesting from years back when...