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  1. maxcutter03

    The Guppy

    This is a field dressing tool I came up with. I got to the end of a piece of steel and didn't know what to do with that short of a piece. Then I started grinding. The knife and sheath fits in your shirt pocket so you don't have to digg through five layers of cloths to get to your knife. The tail...
  2. maxcutter03

    A couple new ones

    I finished this one Friday ATS-34 416 BOLSTERS Palm wood scales Finished this one yesterday XHP 416 bolsters Desert iron wood Burl
  3. maxcutter03

    The new shop pics

    This is my new shop down in Louisiana. The whole building is 30x40. Half of that is my knife shop. I have an 8x8 grinding room with vacuum system. More this to come in the future.
  4. maxcutter03

    Some knives I've done

    I've been absent from the forum for a while. So I thought I'd post a few pictures of knives that I have done in the past that some of you may have not seen yet.
  5. maxcutter03

    Sheath maker

    I met Jack Andress this year at the Guild show. His work is really good and his prices are affordable. Here are some samples of his work. If you have seen his work is some more to enjoy.
  6. maxcutter03

    Something new

    This one was finished last week. Working with the customer on engraving choices. OAL 10.5 XHP steel 416 stalls bolsters Ivory scales Tapered tang Corby bolts.
  7. maxcutter03

    The Mud Bug

    Hello folks. Its been a while since I have post on the forum. I have been out of knife making since Dec. 2012. My wife and I moved down to Louisiana to be closer to my dad. I finally got my dream shop built and have started taking care of a heavy back log. Here are a few that I have made since...
  8. maxcutter03

    Its been a while

    I have been so busy, I haven't had time to get on here and share and comment. I was swamped over the New Year holiday and then I bought some land with a cabin and got busy with that. Now I am getting ready for Blade. I took some time to take some pics and share. Sorry I haven't been very posty...
  9. maxcutter03

    Drop Point with some Bubba-san and HHH

    Here is a Big Boy Drop point that was made from Bubba-san Damascucs with HHH explosion bolsters. I dressed it in mammoth ivory with mosaic pins.
  10. maxcutter03

    Drop Point Hunter with engraving.

    It came back Friday and I just got a chance to take pictures and get them posted. Hope you like em.
  11. maxcutter03

    Drop Point back from the engraver.

    Here is the Drop Point dress in stag that just came back from the engraver. Customer had to have his initials in it.
  12. maxcutter03

    Drop Point Hunter

    This Drop Point Hunter was finished yesterday afternoon. I is made out of Alabama Damascus steel with mammoth ivory scales. Just a couple of shots before it goes to the engraver.
  13. maxcutter03

    Business Cards

    I found a place that is running a special on business cards. 1000 color cards for $40+shipping. You can't hardly buy 1000 piece card stock for $40. That is 1000 color cards front AND back!!! If you are interested in 1000 color cards for $40, contact, TM Signs @ 817-491-8947. Tell them that you...
  14. maxcutter03

    Lone Star Knife Expo

    For all you Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas and surounding areas, The Lone Star Knife Expo is coming to Fort Worth in March. The show will run March 10th and 11th. 9am to 6pm on Saturday and 10am to 4pm Sunday. The show will be at the Fort Worth Stockyards Station in the Stampede Room. 130...
  15. maxcutter03

    Drop Point dressed in stag

    I will be bring this one to the engraver to have the customer's initials put on it this evening. I took some quick pictures for the customer. Please forgive the finger prints on some of them. OAL 8 1/4" Steel ATS-34 Blade 3 1/4" Bolsters dovetailed 416 SS Tapered tang...
  16. maxcutter03

    Another Dog in a magazine

    Last week I got my copy of GUNS magazine and on page 60 was one of my knives and a 3/4 page write up by Pat Covert about me and my knives. My phone has been blowing up ever since!!! Thank God and all my friends and family for supporting me in my knife making affliction!!!
  17. maxcutter03

    One of those unexpected requests!!!

    My dad's only brother passed today. If you fellas and galls can spare a thought or a prayer for the family, send it their way. Thanks Marvin
  18. maxcutter03

    Two finished yesterday

    One is a little necker that I call "Scrap". It is CPM S30V naked and will be razor sharp!!! OAL 6 3/16", cutting edge is 2 1/2". I will make a black leather neck sheath for it. When I make my larger fighters I have this scrap that gets cut off the spine of the handle and I try use all the steel...
  19. maxcutter03

    Two Dogs in Blade this month.

    Congrats to Ryan Minchew and Sean O'Hare for making it into Blade Magazine in the issue that came out this month. They were featured in the "What's New" section.
  20. maxcutter03

    Chef'S Knife

    This is my first real try at a chef's knife, as I don't do much flat grinding. One of my regular customers ask me to make him a set. One 6 1/4" blade and an 8" blade. This is the 6 1/4" knife. Mosaic pins with maroon bolster and ivory paper scales. The blade is 154 CM at about 60rc. Let me...