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  1. Tim Lemke

    5160 forging temps & heat treat

    I'm reading up on this in but figured I'd ask for some further data. A steel comp site said to forge between 2200 and 2100???? That is really hot and narrow! I'm not sure that's applicable to knife making with forge anvil and hammer, rather than hot-roll ideal temp. This has me...
  2. Tim Lemke

    First half successful knife: 52100 Sax

    I kind of beat some slag into it, and I'll work on that in the future, but this one is probably going on my hip as my personal test knife. Just gonna beat the crap out of it until it fails so I can get a baseline started. It's heat treated, but not sharpened. I think it's ht'd, skates a file, I...
  3. Tim Lemke

    Hello from WA, USA

    I have been trying my hand at blacksmithing for about 4 years now, and it's slow going I don't get much chance to practice, but recently I tried my hand at a reclaimed bearing race ring knife, and though I'm stuck on the handling phase due to lack of epoxy and funds, and I don't think I treated...