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    Quick easy Hamon

    Some knifemakers make really beautiful hamon's. The problem I have is most of my knives sell for around $200.00 so I don't want to spend a lot of time etching and polishing. So is there a way to get a hamon quick and easy? One like this. I know there are better hamon's but they take a lot...
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    Kevin Cashen's video on 1080 &1084

    I just watched Kevin's video and it is excellent. Very well done, with lots of great information. Kevin, I have a question. If a person does stock removal, would Normalizing, annealing, stress relieving etc. be necessary? How would it work if a stock removal blade of 1084 went straight to...
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    Surface grinder conversion to belts

    In the WIP section there are several posts on how to convert a surface grinder to belts. The problem is, all the pictures don't show up. Probably thanks to Photo Bucket. So, Those of y0u who posted how to do the conversion. Would you mind posting again with pictures.
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    A big thanks to Ed Caffery

    About a year ago I asked for advice concerning San-mai blades. Ed Caffery took the time to write a long post with some very good advice on the making of San-mai blades. This saved me hours and hours of frustration. I was planning on fluxing a SS billet with a 0-1 core and weld it like...
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    My first attempt at a stainless steel San-Mai blade

    Thanks to Ed Caffrey and Bill Burke for information they gave on making stainless San-Mai. This was my first attempt. It's a core of 1084 between two layers of 410 stainless. I thought about using my ladder die on the blank, but have heard that it's easy to separate the 1084 and the...
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    Need advice on making San Mai

    I would like to try to make some San Mai. I have lots of experience with forge welding, but have never tried San Mai. I am thinking of using 1/4"x 1" 416ss on the outside and 1/4"x1" 1095 on the inside. I have heard I need to do a dry weld. So, will my wire welder weld the 416ss to the...
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    Really strange results heat treating 1095

    I have never really worked with 1095 steel, but had some in my shop that I had bought years ago. Today I decided to use some. After the blade was ground to a rough shape. I normalized at 1600 degrees, then let cool, then normalized at 1500 and let cool. Then I used my Paragon to heat to...
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    Slow cool, or quick cool when tempering

    I have heard this discussed before, but wanted to get some more input. When tempering, is it best to let the blade cool off slowly as the oven cools off, or is it better to take it out of the oven and quench it in say, water. Or, does it make any difference.
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    Road Runner handled damascus knife

    Awhile back I got the idea to use a scroll saw to cut out a design in a knife handle and fill it with InLace. InLace is sold in wood supply places and also in some knife supply places. It comes in several colors, but being in the South West, I use turquoise. The problem with a design on a...
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    TW-90 surface grinder vacuum set up Shop Tip

    There was another thread about the TW-90, so I thought I would show my vacuum set up for it. The TW-90 surface grinding attachment throws horizontal sparks. I used a plastic dust hood that wood working stores sell. I attached a flexible vacuum hose from the hood to my vacuum system. The...
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    Hi from New Mexico

    I have sold knives for over thirty years. I have been in the Knifemakers Guild and also had Journeymans status in the ABS. I am no longer in either of those organizations. They are fine organizations, but I got tired of the 1100 mile trip to Atlanta, and the trip to Florida for the Guild...