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  1. cardoso5fr

    Curvy balisong

    I've started that balisong more or less 1 year ago.... But i was lazy in 2018 :) 14C28N flat grind, TA6V4 for everything except blade, bearing and screw , CC bearing . Latchless.
  2. cardoso5fr

    Cardoff friction folder with clip on the blade

    Un cardoff 90MCV8 and T40 anodised and beadblasted. Ta6v4 spacer,Bronze Phosphore washer 8 cm sharp, .
  3. cardoso5fr

    34 pieces balisong

    It's a 34 pieces balisong puzzle. 14C28N with 4" sharp, 3 mm TA6V4 handle branche . Ta6V4 latch and tang pins. Friction latch. Everything is set up on bearing. Double hollow grind but it's a thin false edge on the back.
  4. cardoso5fr

    Fixed blade for a build off

    JD Halloween Devil Fighter 90MCV8 5mm , 17 cm hollow grind, double edge :). 29 cm long Ta6v4 bolster and pins. Kirinite and carbon fiber :D
  5. cardoso5fr

    Big balisong

    A big balisong, 15N20 4.5' if my memory is not too bad, titanium grade 2 liner, ball bearing, Ti grade 5 latch en tang pins. Friction latch. Ghost jade G10 scale.
  6. cardoso5fr

    A puuko for the CZEN challenge 2017

    A friend from another forum is dead that year and for his memory commemoration the CZEN challenge has for theme the PUUKO a sort of knife he enjoyed especially. I did that one with O2 tool steel 4mm thick, 10 cm sharp (more or less), beadblasted. brass and oak for the handle. A small...
  7. cardoso5fr

    Classical 4"

    15N20, titanium and bearing, 4" blade. friction latch :D
  8. cardoso5fr

    Simple ti friction folder

    A friction folder with t40 handle, carbon fiber spacer, 14c28N blade bead blasted. More or less 8 cm sharp, ultra thin and ultra light. That is for the 26 year of a young woman. She was very happy with the gift :).
  9. cardoso5fr

    Different balisong

    It's a balisong a bit different from my usual work. That one is for a Kung Fu, aikido and other martial art practicer . 110WcRv5 differential hardening, bead blasted with a 8 cm edge sharp. Ta6V4 titanium handle, tang pins and friction latch. 110WCrV5 trempe différentielle, révélation par...
  10. cardoso5fr

    Simple kiridashi (C130)

    Something simple because i wanted to do something less complex than a bearing balisong with latch :D 6mm thick righter chisel kiridashi with more or less 5 cm sharp. Water hardening with a nice hamon. Bead blasted :D
  11. cardoso5fr

    Small friction folder

    Very small friction folder, 14c28n and carbon fiber. Titanium pins. More or less 2" sharp, for more or less 4" open and a bit less than 1" high :D.
  12. cardoso5fr

    Small balisong

    A small balisong, 14C28N, 1050°c hardened, 190°c oil tempering. Ta6V4 (handle, tang pins, latch, hidden latch pivot), Carbon fiber spacer. Everything is beadblasted and that is build on CC bearing. The latch is as always a "friction" latch. That one is on teflon washer.
  13. cardoso5fr

    7/8 straight razor 135Cr3 and titanium

    A titanium straight razor, 135Cr3, oil hardened, flash tempering , T40 Sclae an ta6v4 spacer and pins. Honing 1000 diamond stone 3000 natural chinese BBW Coticule French purple slate Gray slate leather
  14. cardoso5fr

    Fixed Blade for my brother in law

    A small fixed blade for my Brother in law (a congratulation for his sergeant title :)) 14C28N bead blasted, carbon fiber, titanium pins. 110G with sheath. 9cm sharp for more or less 20 cm long. Full flat grind 3mm to the back and 9mm to the thickest.
  15. cardoso5fr

    Frame Back Friction Folder with Spyderhole

    A frame back friction folder with spyderhole. Titanium frame back and handle. 90MCV8 blade with differential hardening. 8.5 cm sharp for more or less 18 cm long.
  16. cardoso5fr

    Simple Ti Balisong

    Balisong TA6V4, 4,5 " de sharp , 15N20 blade (more or less 1075 + Nickel) friction Tlatch. Ti tang pins CC Bearing. 160G.
  17. cardoso5fr

    Frame back fixed blade

    14C28N beadblasted T40 frame back. Mosaic pins, rosewood for the handle scale.
  18. cardoso5fr

    3" persian ti balisong

    3", 90MCV8, Ta6v4 tang pins, spacer and handle, beadblasted, and heat anodized.
  19. cardoso5fr

    Devil Mainz Gladius

    Devil Mainz Gladius 40 cm long 24 cm sharp blade 25 cm) 5mm thick 02 , 300 mm wheel hollow grind. Devil ABS guard and Red and Black Devil Kirinite. Titanium (TA6V4) pins.
  20. cardoso5fr

    Ultra light folding kiridashi

    A small folding kiridashi, niolox and carbon fiber. 6 cm sharp for more or less 15 cm long. Brass pin. 20g