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    DIY Micarta Tube/Rod

    Seems like the preponderance of Micarta, CF, G10 tubes and rods are in natural or black. Anybody make their own from square stock? I've got an idea of using a solid bright color micarta for rod and tube. I'm imagining turning the rods out of short cut blocks, then a fatter rod for the lanyard...
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    Grippy scale material

    I'll not be in the position to make knives for a while (PCSing overseas), but I hope to do some handles and sheaths. I'll also be limited to hand tools, which is not a limitation per se as I can mess up just easily slow as I can quick. Anyway, the projects I have in mind will be users, in...
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    1 Peter 5:6-7

    Brothers in Christ, As some of you know, I began knifemaking 5 or so years ago to put some creative quiet time into my life in the wake of a battlefield injury. I never got very good at it, and I give them away as gifts to family & friends, so for me it's only ever really been a time for quiet...
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    First in a long while ...

    I've not made a knife in a few years due to PCSing twice, work, etc. Anyway, I got the itch last week and ordered a few of the Green River Hunter blades from BossDog, and pulled out a box of corian I got from a fellow KnifeDog. Oh, the mistakes I made on this one :) but it was good to make...
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    Daughter Engaged - praise the Lord!

    Fellow KnifeDogs, my daughter became engaged a few days ago. I share it in this thread as a testimony to the power of Christ. We raised her to believe that "oneness" is a blessing from the Lord, special, to be cherished and waited upon. She is 21, never been kissed; loves the Lord, top 4 of her...
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    Prayer for son in Boot Camp

    Dogs, My son CJ was just hospitalized for pneumonia while at Boot Camp; he's actually in good spirits, mostly worried about letting his Division down as he's one of their top performers and they're heading into their Hell Week. He pushes himself hard, and it finally caught up with him. We're...
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    Kydex Sheath

    Finished a sheath for a buddy's favorite hunting knife (custom Jeff Brown skinner). Nothing fancy, but it was a nice evening project.
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    Jeff Brown

    Anybody know a knife maker by the name of Jeff Brown, I'm guessing out of Texas because his mark is a Longhorn with a T on its forehead superimposed on a star. A good friend of mine asked me to make a sheath for his favorite hunting knife, and its a custom made skinner, very pretty piece of work...
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    Cheap tools

    I've not posted here in awhile thanks to work, but I was taking the advantage of a long weekend to get back in the shop. I had bought a 3 pack of cheap C Clamps at a dollar type store when I first started, and they've done the trick setting scales on about 15 knives so far, but tonight as I was...
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    ebay damascus

    My ship's schedule is killing my shop time. I had to withdraw from the KITH, but I have a special project that I can't not do ... in-law's 50th anniversary. I'd like to make them a kitchen knife, I have some great corian to choose from, which many like on kitchen knives for arthritic hands. But...
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    Cast Iron

    Dogs, I have a couple slabs of cast iron I've been eyeballing for a future project. Would this be strong enough for bolsters, if I just cut and shaped it to size? And what would it look like sanded? I may just run a side on a few belts to see what happens. Thanks! Rob
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    Koa BushDog Finished

    This one has taken way too long, but finally presented it to my son this morning. S/F, Chaps
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    Set my shop up finally

    Since the last time I was on KD, I moved to VA. Its taken a little bit to get back in the groove, and get used to the cold ... I miss the Hawaii winters already :biggrin: Here's the last piece of Aldos 1095 I had had HT'd before the movers came. It's in its last stages, but not quite there. I...
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    Shepherd's Cross Knives - 4 Pups

    Thanks to the great folks here at KD, I've been making knife shaped objects for 4 months now. I am finishing up a batch of 7 knives (numbers 4-10 of knives I've completed) out of a piece of 3/16" 1095 from Aldo. All of them have been HT by OMachearley, in a timely and consistent manner! They are...
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    God's Grace

    I was SIQ for a couple of weeks with pneumonia; bad enough I had to stay home, I couldn't work in my shop. I don't know about you, but when I'm sick like that I get sorta low in my spirit. This past Monday I woke up as about as down as I've been, letting my mind go places it didn't need to be -...
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    #5 w/ NWUcarta

    Just got through a bout of pneumonia - boy that free military medicine is worth every penny :) I made a knife for my RP, which for those who don't know is a cross between my bodyguard and admin assistant as a Chaplain. This is a variation on a design I'm calling the Pup. It was supposed to be...
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    #4 - Knife with/for my daughter! My daughter has been home on leave and the plan was to finish a knife together for her. I've been sicker'n a dog for the last week, bummer to waste leave on being sick and not being able to hang out with my girl, but I had a fit of energy this morning, so we...
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    Aloha, I've got a line on some free monkeypod to try for handle material. Anybody worked with it before? Do you recommend stabilizing? Mahalo!
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    Bubble Jig - thanks Fred!

    I've ground on 2 knives now with my new bubble jig - WOW!! Scandi at 12.5 and a full flat at 2 (thick stock). I can tell how timid I was before without it looking at my first couple of knives. I've even used it set for flat just to make sure I was profiling square since my sanding table...
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    Knifemakers Society?

    Aloha, I'm a new guy and I've figured out that the appelation "bladesmith" is reserved for those who forge their knives, and the American Bladesmith Society and their Apprentice, Journeyman, Master progrom are for those who forge. "Knifemaker" is an appelation that would include those who...