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    Balisongs: Minimize getting cut

    Great advice. Saving it for future reference. Thank you!
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    440C Rusting.... Need help!

    Thanks for the comments guys.. Still waiting for pictures to see exactly where and what this rust looks like. Don't think any other chemicals were involved... Just weird...
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    440C Rusting.... Need help!

    I know its not exactly a knife, but the principles are similar, way I make them is similar..they're similar in every way, except that they don't have a long cutting edge... So instead of trying to find some other metal working forum to join, I figured it would be ok to just ask here. I am...
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    Los Angeles area?

    Hi guys... Looking for a club in the Los Angeles area. A place to meet up with people that know their stuff, where I can learn more and share what i know. California is definitely not the ideal place, but I was hoping there might be a knife maker giving weekend seminars out here. I've been...
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    Small Cutter

    Love the size! Is California legal! How much would soethingblike this go for? Andy
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    Help finding a Basilisk Balisong

    Man, basilisks are really hard to get a hold of. The few that actually have them, refuse to part with them. Seems to be "the" balisong!
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    Looking for Balisongs!

    Took me a year to get a hold of an arc angel! First got a hold of a double edge one, and finally, last week scored a spear point, which looking forward to getting my hands on. Not easy knives to find these days. Dont know why. Were there not that many made? Anyway, there were two for sale and I...
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    Blade Show Balisongs

    A bit late to post, but these are too freaking gorgeous not to say something!
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    Balisong #46- Superconductor!

    Gorgeous knife!
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    Hello from the Balisong hating state!

    Hey guys. Live in California, which sucks because my knife of choice is the balisong. can't EDC one, so I actually carry a trainer. I'm not the greatest flipper, but helps me relax and think at work, plus that way I can practice new tricks at all times! The rest of the collection stays at...