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    DDR Autos

    Here are a few DDR autos. Some rather old, a couple new from Darrel in 2010. The Apogees are D/A's Apogees, 1 fancy, 1 plainish. Kraits Stinger 1 of 2, Chad Nichols damascus custom TAS, Chad's damascus.
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    Rob Dalton old school

    This rare old ti handled Dalton CQB7 with a double ground tanto is headed back home to me. :)
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    Shop Dog

    My girl Mimi acting the shop dog at DDR's. :bud:
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    A few favorites

    Some of my favorites still in my collection...
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    Greetings!!!! I have been chasing my tail lately, often over knives. This seems to be the perfect place for me to be. :bud: :running dog: p.s. My best friend is a pitbull named Milhouse