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    Recommend me a stainless?

    if your going stainless and gonna ship it off for HT then I would use CPM 154 takes a mirror polish and holds a great edge
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    Help with D2

    What Mike said you can send it to Petes heat treat for the correct heat treatment
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    New twist :)

    that is hot bro
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    Dagger trouble

    Hey guys Need some advice from the more experienced of the dogs... I have tried 3 times now to make a hollow ground "BIg Bear" style and I keep having the same grind seems to wonder all over the place any advice you can think of would be great OR Should I just stick to...
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    Kevin, I am still using homemade lump charcoal for my heating and it works pretty good for... Any tips/suggestions for those of us normalizing it old school?
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    Kevin that does help...thanks a bunch!!
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    Kevin... just to make sure I am with ya... Normalizing is used to get the stress out of the steel from forging or a missed heat treat?
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    kydex forming question

    do yourself a favor and buy good foam from Bossdude THEN Get yourself some sturdy pieces of wood/thick hard plastic and 4 good clamps Cheap heat gun from Harbor Freight is also handy, along with a cheap toaster oven
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    Studebaker leaf spring

    gorgeous bro....
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    Terra Tuff ?

    put me down for a piece sounds interesting
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    Carved Skulls on Tusk

    can you pm me the cost of one of those tusks with the skulls? fathers day is coming up ya know
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    A Bowie

    wow bro that is awesome!
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    The shoemaker's children go barefoot...

    i wanna see the Gunnhilda!!! Nice knife bro
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    Need a source for wire rope to make cable Damascus

    Tracy...I could use a small piece of 1" or so put me down for a piece!!
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    Is Parks 50 too fast for 1080/1085 steel

    Ed and Kevin Thanks for your posts here...
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    Knife Test

    ok bro that makes more sense....thanks\ ...I need to get me a piece or 2 of small rod to play with
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    Knife Test

    did you use your normal thermal treatments before ht? I have zero idea on what your talking about getting more martenzite out of the steel...I thought you more or less got that once you got it into solution and soaked properly...
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    How would I get a pic of my work in Blade mag?

    well it helps if you write for them...hehehaaaaaaaa Mr Rowe and Mr Bump said it pretty much dead on
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    Chevron 70 quench oil

    I use DT 48 and dig it
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    Stock Removal 52100

    Ok got ya...I never really thought about it, but those temps dont give you much wiggle room...I got some stock removal 52100 in trade but havent used it yet since I has no HT oven...might have to try triple quench for giggles