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  1. Shieldon Knives

    Shieldon Knives Charkos A new brand with some interesting designs !

  2. Shieldon Knives

    [video] Budget Price Shieldon knives Boa Tanto Flipper Knife from a New Knife Company

  3. Shieldon Knives

    [video] New Knife Brand. Shieldon knives. 7093D Tranchodon. Unique design. thx for watching

  4. Shieldon Knives

    [video] Shieldon Knives First Impressions! 4 Models Review.

  5. Shieldon Knives

    Shieldon knives debut

    Welcome to the knife market, and welcome to the world. At the very beginning let me have a brief introduction. Shieldon knives launched in 2021, but the manufacturer makes OEM/ODM folding knives for 20 years. They have branded knives from now on. The word "Shieldon" means the products are like...