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    Matched set

    Hi Bruce, While I was at Blade I was lucky enough to see the matched set of cut and shoots that you made I have to say I was totally blown away! I've seen your work on line and in magazines but in person they just become alive. WOW !WOW! WOW!
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    I have a kitchen knife I am working on .09 thick ats34, it picked up a twist during heat treatment. Foil raped, oil quenched. Can I just re do the heat treatment like I would with carbon steel ? Or are there other steps involved with this steel. Will this steel harden using the aluminum...
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    dyed stage prep.

    Hi Bruce, how do you clean and prep your dyed stag before you use it, i bought some from Culpepper at the Blade show and forgot to ask them. It is very messy, dye residue gets all over, any problems with glue up. Thanks! Scott
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    black & blue fighter

    Hi all, finished this one up last week. 8 3/4" W2, 1018 color case hardened guard & spacer, blue anodized titanium spacers and black wood, 14" loa. Scott
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    fresh off the bench

    Hi all, Just finished this one. 7" 5160, 416ss and mystery wood? Scott
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    JS test knives

    Hi all got the photo in the mail today, I'm a little disappointed with it. Scott
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    A little horn tooting

    Hi all, Just got home from the ABS exposition in San Antonio and i'm proud to say I earned my JS stamp!:biggrin:
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    California Hammer-in

    Hi all, ABS hammer-in Oct. 7-9 Visaila Ca. See you there! Scott
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    steller's sea cow & oosik

    Hi all, I just got some sea cow rib and oosik, I have never worked with either. Any tips or suggestions. Do they need to be stabilized? Thanks! Scott
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    Thanks for the tutorial

    Bruce followed your tutorial, I tkink it came out pretty good,except for the fatal weld flaw in the middle of the blade. Scott
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    JS test knives #2 & #3

    Hi all #2 and #3 Hunter 3 1/2" 5160 blade 7 5/8" LOA 416SS and Birch. Fighter 6" 5160 blade 10 5/8" LOA 416SS and mystery wood.
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    JS application knife #1

    Hi all, one down four to go! 4.5 inch 5160, 9.0 LOA. N/S, titanium and marble wood. Scott
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    one from awhile back

    1084&15N20,meteorite bolsters,mammoth ivory
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    I'm Scott MacCaughtry i live in Camarillo CA. I've been forging blades for about five years now. I look forward to becoming a part of this forum!