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  1. soundmind

    natural stones and polished edges

    I could probably spend some time in the next forum under this one but had a couple questions anyway on sharpening. Is a polished edge practical for hunters or only used primarily for kitchen knives and razors? (I was thinking for someone's edc it'd be a matter of preference?) I also have a...
  2. soundmind

    quick dog run story

    So we had someone new out on their first dug mushing trip with a friend of ours who is young but pretty experienced with dogs. They went pretty far - about ten miles- and were on their way back. It was dark by now - cloudy and no moonlight. Not too far out of town our friend, the musher fell off...
  3. soundmind

    forging again!

    Got my forge going again. First time in about two and half years. Its a little bittersweet because I'd rather be doing the aspect of my real job that Covid shut down. But anyway I had some mild winter temps and some time for forging and heat treating. Been inundated with other projects but it...
  4. soundmind

    kind of in a pinch

    Can anyone recommend a good substitute for rubbing alcohol to prep blades for epoxy?
  5. soundmind

    Is there a scandinavian knifemaker forum?

    Can't find one myself - thought I'd ask here. If there is hopefully they speak some english.
  6. soundmind

    sawblade hardness

    I'm wondering what hardness these homemade blades ground out of saw blades I see might be? I'm thinking handsaws, skillsaw blades with or without carbides, chopsaw blades, concrete blades, wood and metal sawzall blades, and saw mill blades (bandsaw or circular(?)).
  7. soundmind

    "Birch [as a handle material] is warm..."

    I saw a knifemaking company make this claim. I understand that wood is "warm" compared to steel or compared to fiberglass/epoxy materials. Maybe not stabilized wood. So I wonder what they're referring to. Any insights/experience comparing the "warm feel" of different wood for handles. Do you...
  8. soundmind

    3 for 3

    Three hunters for three hunters. My grinding isn't under control yet, but these look better than any knife I've ground yet. All 1075 about 9" overall length. First saddle stitch; First and last time using belly leather if I can help it. Moose antler, NS corbies Moose bone, copper pins and...
  9. soundmind

    pay it forward thread gone?

    I can finally give away some antler material I have. These are pretty big rounds - good for scales. Just indicate right or left. I'll mail 'em for you.
  10. soundmind

    zig zag pattern?

    Sanded aggressively with 320. This is what it looks like lightly sanded 320: I could faintly see it appearing as I was moving up in grits. I etched for another reason. And I think the bare spot by the plunges are just a bad etch from not cleaning well enough. I haven't decided if I like it...
  11. soundmind

    less steel, more knife

    These are before and after pics of a knife I made. I had it out last fall and it performed well, but I just didn't like the size or the way it looked and felt. So I tried grinding away some stuff. I've also taken the antler down as far as I could. I think the handle at the back was too wide and...
  12. soundmind

    Rubber platen?

    Did I make a mistake to use rubber for a platen? Or is there a certain kind I need to get? Here's what happened to it while I was slowly grinding a guard down flush with a spacer. Thanks, Luke
  13. soundmind

    talking about how files have changed: just an observation

    Left to right: The first I know to be from the 80's. The second would be somewhere between 2000-2010. The third is one I just bought. All 12". I'm guessing that what I've heard since I got into knives, that forging Nicholson files into knives, is from when they were made like the first. It's...
  14. soundmind

    Knifemaker's Christmas from Dennis

    My family out of state had trouble at the post office sending up presents this year. After getting that resolved I wanted to let Dennis know asap so he could pass on the info to my secret Santa. It turned out it Dennis was my secret Santa - then, I had him worried because he'd already sent it...
  15. soundmind

    VFDs out in the cold

    I realized VFDs are probably susceptible to failure by developing condensation with outside temp fluctuation. I'm looking into a solution like either a heater for it or cable connectors so I can keep it inside when I'm not using it. Is anyone else keeping their VFDs in unheated shops in temps...
  16. soundmind

    can't understand steel impurities percentages

    I came across n article on knife nerds (why cold steel is brittle) where it said steel with low amounts of impurities would be good for a "cold weather steel." When I read the chemistry listed for a specific steel type (ie L6, 15n20) the way I've been comparing the impurities is similar to a...
  17. soundmind

    the integrity of a peened brass/copper/stainless tang extension?

    In this case I'm thinking all the way through - on a hidden tang knife - and peened to the rear of the handle to draw everything up? Any reservations?
  18. soundmind

    I think if he's ok I will be too.

    Needed a new respirator and got one I thought was good, but still only 90% sure I got the right thing until I saw this guy wearing the same one with the same filters.
  19. soundmind

    CA glue as a finish coat?

    This stuff is harsh! Anyway, oil first then CA glue? or just CA glue? I'm not sure if the wood will take the glue if it's oiled. Thanks for the help
  20. soundmind

    right knives for 1075?

    I saw that Darrin Sanders mentioned 1075 was good for choppers on the knife steel reference. What about 2"-4" hunting and general purpose knives? I don't want to make any long knives for awhile. Also what kind of edge holding should I be getting out of it? I'll be using either charcoal or gas...