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    Dagger trouble

    Hey guys Need some advice from the more experienced of the dogs... I have tried 3 times now to make a hollow ground "BIg Bear" style and I keep having the same grind seems to wonder all over the place any advice you can think of would be great OR Should I just stick to...
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    Forging bevels

    hey guys I am having trouble forging my bevels... I forge one side and then turn it over and work on the other side, and the side I just flipped over looks flat without any bevel line to speak of AND I am making the metal bow up like a bananna any tips or tricks or vids explaining...
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    Need HT for 3 small 440c blades

    Hey guys...I need 3 blades heat treated.. They are all 3 made from 440C cant afford to send this small a batch to Petes or it would be on its way Let me know your price! D
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    RR spike into a small tomahawk

    let me know what ya think guys...use 2 different hammers on this one and it worked pretty well didnt have a drift to make the hole and wasnt sure how to make on anywho so I just stopped right there comments and suggestions are very welcome thanks
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    Mothers Day knife...New design

    This one was designed by a guy at the gym...I shrunk his drawing (with his permission) down and made one for my GF for her mothers day gift 1/4" 1084 clayed Flat into a convex edge to give it a little more beef for a small edc let me know what ya think and if you can think of a cute...
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    San Mai help

    hey guys I got a few questions on what is the best way for a noob to work some san mai I was thinking of using some 1/4" A36 pieces between a piece of 1/4 1084 if I can find some thinner pieces of A36 that would better?? or thinner 1084? yea I know that is kinda thick, it its what i...
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    5160 camp knife with HSM

    Hey guys, wanted to show off my camp blade... While it isnt much compared to what gets posted on here, I am fairly pleased with the results 1/4" 5160 11" blade 16 1/2" oal I didnt get the distal taper as good as I would have liked, but it balanced well and bit very hard in the 2x4's...
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    Hollow grind question

    Hey guys I just got a 10" wheel for my grinder now errr can I get a pic or 2 of what the blade is supposed to loook like after its ground?? I ground my first one with a 4" wheel and I am pretty sure the edge is to thick SOOO Can I get a little visual help here? D
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    Need 10" Grizzly contact wheel or 14" that will fit a Grizzly

    hey guys just like it says Got a grizzly 10" laying around gathering dust?? well shoot me a buzz if you want to undust it I need one for a small project and I dont feel like buying a brand new one if I dont have to So who gonna help me?
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    proper cycling for weilded tang

    Hey guys What is the proper thermal cycle for a tang that has been wielded?? I have a small hunting knife that I REALLY want to put some leather washers on and I need a threaded tang to do so... SOO I gonna slot the tang and wield it but this will cause grain to grow what...
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    RE Heattreating 5160

    Hey guys Just like the title says I have a large 5160 bowie that I did the heat treat on a couple years ago...Its all kinds of tuff, but doesnt hold an edge that well at all and I am thinking that I got it WAY to hot SOOO I was thinking of redoing the HT since I have alot better grasp...
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    Here be a new one from me...basicnedc sheath

    This is mine carries all kinds of great
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    hybrid forged fat 1095 edc

    Hey guys decided to post one I finally got around to finishing blade 3 1/4" from tip to handle OAL 6" or so steel...1095 handle...HSM what ya think? ohh ya hybrid forged means I managed to hit the steel once it was very hot at least 3 times and no less than 5 times and...
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    Buy or trade for 12c 27 or CPM 154

    hey guys need a small piece of 12c27 or CPM 154 1.5 or so x 3/16 x 12"or so buy or trade is fine Need sheaths?? I can do those 2thumbs thanks!!:bud:
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    hiya guys I is here!!