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  1. Ed Day

    Something to quick about form Day's F&S

    Something to quack about from Day's F&S We thought you may enjoy this duck tomahawk.It is made form a tractor axle
  2. Ed Day


    Hi all What do you think about the shell bidding on ebay ? Ive been on ebay for a few years now and i see this going on all the time. Somethings you can go to a store and buy brand new for 20 dollars will be selling for 3 times the price with 20 or more bidding on it . Then you check who's...
  3. Ed Day

    New Tomahawk with file work form Day's F&S Forge

    Here is a new Tomahawk that we made.It has file work in a rope design that goes across the top of the hawk.It has a hickory handle that's been oiled and waxed.The sheath is made from 11oz leather chestnut that has a tri weave basket stamp design on it.And it has been oiled.
  4. Ed Day

    Here is a new tomahawk we made this week from Day's F&S

    The Tomahawk head is forged out of a 32oz ball peen hammer. It has been normalize then it is hammered in to shape then it is heat treated then gridded to a mirror finish and to get all of the hammer marks out of it. And then tempered for a long lasting cutting edge.It has been blued to help it...
  5. Ed Day

    These is one of our newest Tomahawks this week from Day's F&S

    It's hand forged out of a 32oz Ball peen hammer. And the sheath is 11oz chest nut that has a basket weave pattern on it, And it is hand stitched.
  6. Ed Day

    Here is some of our Tomahawk's from Day's F&S Forge

    These are just a few of the hawk styles that we make.Most of the steel we use to make our Tomahawk's are made out of Ball peen Hammer's.We normalize the steel 3 time's before we heat treat and temper the steel.And our handles are made out of Curly Maple or Hickory.
  7. Ed Day

    1970 vs 2010 +

  8. Ed Day

    Tell me your thoughts about the best ways to heat treating the steel you use?

    This can be from 1084 all the way to stainless.