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  1. Ed Day

    Something to quick about form Day's F&S

    Something to quack about from Day's F&S We thought you may enjoy this duck tomahawk.It is made form a tractor axle
  2. Ed Day

    Just today!

    Laurence coming form a old Topeka boy that was funny.. How have you been? I hope you are doing great.... Ed
  3. Ed Day


    Hi all What do you think about the shell bidding on ebay ? Ive been on ebay for a few years now and i see this going on all the time. Somethings you can go to a store and buy brand new for 20 dollars will be selling for 3 times the price with 20 or more bidding on it . Then you check who's...
  4. Ed Day

    New Tomahawk with file work form Day's F&S Forge

    Here is a new Tomahawk that we made.It has file work in a rope design that goes across the top of the hawk.It has a hickory handle that's been oiled and waxed.The sheath is made from 11oz leather chestnut that has a tri weave basket stamp design on it.And it has been oiled.
  5. Ed Day

    Here is a new tomahawk we made this week from Day's F&S

    Hi Rock Try Kayne & Son, or any blacksmithing supply Co. for hammer or tomahawk drifts. We do alot of researching to lol nothing wrong with that. If you need anything just ask. Hey Laurence hows it going ? All we need is a trip hammer to make it easier. Guess i will have to call Dave Sloan at...
  6. Ed Day

    Here is a new tomahawk we made this week from Day's F&S

    Hi Rock We use a tomahawk drift for the eye, we form the edge first then the spike, then we drift the eye, last we tweak it, (the edge and the spike is straight and lines up with the eye and handle). If you want to keep the same size eye buy or make a hammer drift the same size. This is how we...
  7. Ed Day

    Here is a new tomahawk we made this week from Day's F&S

    The Tomahawk head is forged out of a 32oz ball peen hammer. It has been normalize then it is hammered in to shape then it is heat treated then gridded to a mirror finish and to get all of the hammer marks out of it. And then tempered for a long lasting cutting edge.It has been blued to help it...
  8. Ed Day

    These is one of our newest Tomahawks this week from Day's F&S

    Will think you Ausbrooks. We didn't think anybody was going to say anything. "good or bad" lol:biggrin:
  9. Ed Day

    These is one of our newest Tomahawks this week from Day's F&S

    It's hand forged out of a 32oz Ball peen hammer. And the sheath is 11oz chest nut that has a basket weave pattern on it, And it is hand stitched.
  10. Ed Day

    Here is some of our Tomahawk's from Day's F&S Forge

    These are just a few of the hawk styles that we make.Most of the steel we use to make our Tomahawk's are made out of Ball peen Hammer's.We normalize the steel 3 time's before we heat treat and temper the steel.And our handles are made out of Curly Maple or Hickory.
  11. Ed Day

    Questions about Little Giant 25lb Hammer

    Hi Don If you need info about little giant talk to Dave Sloan his email is
  12. Ed Day

    Started my first hawk

    Good for you Joetrain. The frist one is the hardest the second one get easier an so on.
  13. Ed Day

    1970 vs 2010 +

  14. Ed Day

    1970 vs 2010 +

  15. Ed Day

    Who Metal Detects here?

    Hi Tracy Do you have a pinpointer? They help to find what you dig up, and have you taken the batteries out of your machine this winter? When using Minelab sweep slow, then go slower lol , also your going to find a lot of pull tabs lol. Try to hunt on private property that have old houses on...
  16. Ed Day

    Who Metal Detects here?

    Hi Tracy minelab is a good machine, how many pull tabs have you found? lol, Tip. No ground is hunted out Frozen ground helps burps coins up closer to the top Hunt after a lighting storm Make sure you dont leave holes open after dig Just have fun... Ed
  17. Ed Day

    first public sale experience

    Great Thread enjoyed all the story's. Ive ran in to the same problems with people, they looky toughy and run there finger over the edge cut there finger an say wow that's sharp lol Then ask you how much does that cost? And when you tell them $150 they ask why so high i can buy a factory made...
  18. Ed Day

    Forged vs Stock removal

    Hi Calvin : Thanks for posting that, you may help open some eyes. In baseball, a good bat to have, is typically a Louisville Slugger or say a Rawlings, if you use one of those, will you be the next Babe Ruth? Of course not, but what I am getting at is, it's not really the bat or knife, but the...
  19. Ed Day

    Forged vs Stock removal

    Hi Laurence nice to meet you. Your memory is good, Its cold an the same train keeps coming by all the time and as i get older its not as flat as it use to be lol.