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  1. BlueBird

    Can i get a proper heat treat without kiln

    Hi guys, So my first batch of aeb-l knife are out for heat treat but i would like to make some blades in 80crv2 and HT by myself. With my CNC and my new 2x72 and bunch of other stuff, my budget is limited and i cant afford a kiln for the moment. So i was thinking buying a small propane forge...
  2. BlueBird

    What about stonewash finish

    Hello guys, i would like to stonewash my knifes, and im wondering if i need to have a good and expensive tumbler or i can use a small one like this: Im finishing them up to 400grit before heat treat to see if the blade...
  3. BlueBird

    My new CNC knife project

    Hi guys, still working on prototype, nothing is finish, but i will start by showing you some pictures first. I start making hole in the blank for the scale, lanyard hole, and holes for the fixturing, so i can put the blank in my fixturing pallet i made to mill the contouring, bevel, engraving...
  4. BlueBird

    Hello from Quebec

    Hi guys, 28 years old from Canada, quebec. My English is not perfect but im working on that. Couple years ago i started making knife with pretty basic tool, grinder, files, etc. Just for fun. Know im taking that more seriously and i would love to share that with some knifemakers to have...