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    Using Wooden Pins for Knife Handles

    This seems a good place to post this, as I've never tried it before and haven't seen anyone who has. I have an old knife that I want to put a new handle on and spice up some, and wanted to try wooded pins. Has anyone tried this before? It's basically an old Green River pattern Cold Steel...
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    I Think I'm Done w/ Water Stones

    I've been stumped with my fine (4000 grit) water stone for a while now. It gives me fits. I can occasionally get an arm shaving edge off it, but not every time. I am almost certain it has to do with how soft it is. Even the lightest passes are like trying to sharpen with chalk. A thin layer...
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    Sharpening and Knife Life

    I have been doing some sharpening lately on a specific knife and measuring the loss of steel as I go. I started off sharpening the knife 10 times each session, with destressing the edge by cutting lightly into the stone 4 times and then making 50 passes per side on my 1000 grit King water...
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    Petty Blade Type

    Just wondering what is the usual way to grind a petty, single (chisel) bevel or double bevel? I've seen double bevel ones here, and says they're usually single bevel. I have material for a couple and wanted to know what the standard way was. To offer my opinion, I'd like to do...
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    Double Ground Usuba

    Is there such an animal? I want to try one but dont have the gear for a proper hollow relief on the back. Is a 2° back bevel an acceptable alternative, or a full double grind, n/either one?
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    Quenching Speed, Carbon Content, and Maximum Hardness

    I was looking over some threads and came across a topic that might be good to discuss. Some posts recently led me to believe that there are some new comers who believe that quenching steel faster will lead to a higher hardness and that even something like 1018 low carbon steel could be...
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    Grains, Carbides, and You

    I've noticed recently what seems to be a fair amount of confusion between carbides and grains. In some instances the terms get used interchangeably and, to me at least, this creates considerable confusion, as I use specific definitions for each, and swapping them around when talking about them...
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    Mixed Structures in Knife Steels

    I was thinking about this last night and thought it might be a topic others have wondered about as well. In all my reading of various shop talk forums, no one has really addressed this in detail. Much has been made of hardness testing and many more makers are using it to check on the...
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    It's Amazing How Easy Sharpening Is...

    Once you stop caring how the bevel looks and being so particular about angles. Just sharpened 2 of my favorite kitchen knives from not even scraping hair to treetopping sharpness in about 5 minutes, using just a King 4000 grit water stone. It's as easy as scrubbing the bevels to get them to...
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    Low Angle Sharpening

    Has anyone tried sharpening angles less than 10 degrees on EDC type knives? I rebeveled a 2 blade trapper clip blade to about 7 dps (degrees per side) and then added a microbevel at just under 10 dps, using a 220/1000 King combo water stone. So far, it's held up pretty well. I like the 1k...
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    Grinding Tips

    Just looking for tips on grinding bevels. This one has a wiggle at the base that's driving me crazy, and I haven't been able to get rid of it yet. This is pre-HT and polish, so there's still time to take care of it. Blade is A2, 5" long, 1/16" thick, and 2" wide.
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    Hello all. Glad to be here.

    Just found this forum a couple months ago. Finally decided to join up after some member encouragement.