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    Belt Grinder for Sharpening

    I used to post here pretty frequently but fell off of knife making for a while, now I need some semi-related help. I work in a kitchen and have recently been given the task of taking over for our sharpening company (they are terrible). However since this is going to be regular sharpening for 3...
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    Looking for a source for Tek lok belt loops or similar

    I usually buy them from Tracy at usaknifemaker but they are currently out of stock. Does anybody know of a source for these or a similar belt loop that allows for the knife to be removed without taking off the belt? thank you for any replies -Cameron
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    Finishing stabilized wood at the ricasso area after glue up.

    After months of school and not having time to work on knives I was chomping at the bit to get started on a knife intended to be a gift for my grandfather. problems is I forgot to finish the wood that was going to be up against the blade before gluing it together. To make things worse I also...
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    Knife that nearly took my finger

    This was a fathers day gift for a friend whose girlfriend wanted to buy him one. The week before fathers day week end I had the knife finished but I needed to make the sheath, but before I did that I cut my right index finger with it. Here I am 3 and a half months later and it is finally...
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    Where to send Elmax for HT

    A friend of mine wants to make 2 knives and wants the best stainless he can get, so I showed him Elmax. I have no idea where would be best to send it or how much HT would cost approximately. Also, is Elmax a tricky steel to work with as a beginner and are there any warnings or advice about...
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    Cut my finger, having surgery to repair damage tomorrow. requesting prayers

    I just finished a knife I need to have for fathers day, but when I was showing it off my hand slipped and slid up the blade and it cut deep into the top joint of my index finger. It severed the tendon and cut the nerves. I have no feeling in the tip n my finger, and cannot bend it. I have an...
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    Help with handle scales,

    I was shaping the scales for a knife I have to have done by fathers day and in an effort to save time I used a saw instead of just the cutter in a drill press I have been using, bad idea. I broke the scale about 1/4" in front of the front pin. I used super glue and the dust from the block to...
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    Just finished this project at school

    I designed my makers mark in my computer integrated manufacturing class and had a sign cut on a CNC that will fit what I designed. Then we cut the mark on a laser printer which burned into the wood as a negative of the mark. I think it came out very nice
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    Tips for horse stall mat on handles?

    I am getting ready to put the handles on my 4th knife and I'm using horse stall mat, any suggestions or warning with working with this material?
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    CNC cutting knife blanks

    A while ago I met someone who does CNC work locally and we talked about having him cut out blanks,I know some ways for cutting out blanks make some things a pain but I'm unsure about how well CNC works for my use. Also, how much does it cost for other ways to have blanks cut out? I won't likely...
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    forgot a hole for handle pin

    I sent off a batch of knives for HT but forgot that the drill bit I had been using gave up the ghost with 2 of 3 holes drilled on one knife. So I bought a carbide bit from Tracy but when I try to drill it (high speed w/ lots of cutting lube) my old drill press just begins to vibrate and the work...
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    working with stabilized wood and G10 liners

    I am putting the handle scales on my KITH knife and I plan on using Madrone burl with hunter orange and brown G10 liners. I have never worked with wood or G10 so are there any warnings/tips for working with them? I know I have to be careful or the wood will scorch and that the fiberglass from...
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    Knife finances

    i have been keeping track of my spending on a paper I had kept with all my knife sketches and designs but recentky the paper turned up missing, I won't bother with the details. I still remember about what my total spent was (around $730) but since my old paperwork is gone I thought I would ask...
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    Satin finish?

    I would like to try to get a nice satin finish on my next batch of knives but since I do not have a scotchbrite belt how do I achieve this? I just want a nice even finish without doing a mirror finish, I see many hand rubbed finishes that look very good but I'm not sure how this is achieved...
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    belt sander noise issues

    I have a 2x42 craftsman belt sander and lately I have noticed it is getting very loud. (I wear earplugs when using it or is causes a headache). I think it may be the wheels, because without a belt it is not loud. Is there a way to clean the bearings or do the wheels need to be replaced? If I...
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    WTB or trad for leather strips

    I'm replacing the leather on an old strop I have and making a new one. I need 1 strip 1 3/4" X 8 1/2", and 2 strips 2" X 12". I have plenty of Corion for a trade or I can buy it outright PM me if you have some thanks -Cameron
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    cork belt or leather belt?

    I have been looking for a way to sharpen my work knives a bit faster and would like a polishing belt to put some polishing compound to put a final edge on them, but I don't know weather to buy a leather or cork belt for this purpose. how long do cork and leather belts last, and would a cork belt...
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    Prayer request

    my step-mother is going through her 5th and final surgery for a bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction. This surgery was supposed to be the biggest yet, but due to low blood pressure in the area the micro-vascular surgery had to be repeated twice on one side and 3 times on the other, the...
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    glass platen questions

    I am looking into buying a ceramic glass platen for flat grinding but the standard platen for my old craftsman 2X42 is 5" tall compared to the 6" platen liner knowing that it is glass I question the safety of having that overhang. should I just find someone locally who can make a new platen or...
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    Knife #2 finally finished.

    specs: OAL: 8 3/4" Blade: 4 3/4" 1/8" 1084 with a wavy hamon (done by Michael O'Machearley) blade is 1 1/2" at its widest point logo doesn't really show in these but its the acid and sharpie etch Travis Fry has a WIP for logo says CWC (Cameron Wilcox Cutlery) any critiques on...