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    New to Kansas

    Hey all, I am here and new to Kansas so I am kind of a transplant. I started making a knife before I left Georgia(it started a long time before) and I had the wood handles glued on with Gorilla glue before we left . We got our stuff and I started working the wood again and the wood was seperated...
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    First time.

    Hello all, I have been looking at all of the cool knives here and I appreciate what you for the military services. I am active Army and many years ago I graduated high school with a guy who joined the Army. He had a son who just finished basic and is an infantry man. He graduated 17 Feb...
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    Been here and there

    Good day, I am new to this post but not to the site. I have been watching for a bit and messing with some old knives and replacing handles. I am active duty militay and have been here and there in my career. I see lots of great knives and would love to find the time to learn to make some...
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    Time well spent

    Here are two knives I made in Iraq from one old kitchen knife that the Iraqis broke the scales off from. In the bigger knife notice the twisted copper wire that I used to fill in where the bevel is. It is a great utility knife with the hand made sheath. The smaller one I made as a chip carving...
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    The new guy has a question

    I was thinking...what is stronger, a blade made from flat stock or a damascus blade made from the same material? Why? If they were made and hardened and tempered the same which would be a better blade? Just a thought. It may change my plan for blade making.
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    New to the group

    Good morning, I have been watching for a little while and now saying hey. I have been toying around with knives and knife making since I was a kid. The first one I made I was around 12. It was a double edged knife. I ground and filed and heat treated it. I had fun heating it and putting it...