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    Inlay, dovetailing..etc?

    Thanks, for the pointers.
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    Inlay, dovetailing..etc?

    Hey guys, I am new to this whole area and I am doing research on different methods of accomplishing tasks I would like to do on upcoming knives I am planning on building. I have seen knives, That have wood inlays, cleanly in the middle of the handles. Also, on certain types, it looks as if...
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    Bob lum tanto style (i'm a copycat)

    In all fairness any knife made with this type of grind is inspired by some of the grinds of the late great Bob Lum. It is a great grind and I am sure you will see more people using it in the upcoming years until eventually it is just a commonly seen grind similar to any other in current use.
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    Hey guys new to the site. I am hoping to tart making some knives in the next few months so I am hear to pick brains and absorb as much information from the skilled people a I can. Just dropped by this thread to say hello.
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    Balisong #46- Superconductor!

    A very unique idea and look. The blade is a perfect grind for the flow of the knife. Excellent.
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    Very Nice.
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    Did someone say Bali-Kit?

    Has anybody posted some finished projects using these kits as a starting point?
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    Looky what I got!

    Is it real or a knock of of the spyderco?
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    Latest Goblin Balisongs

    Very nice Terry. Then again, all your balisongs are very nice;)
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    Benchmade Model 53

    I think it is cool it has ball bearing pivots but as was mentioned this is not aimed at the hardcore flippers in the community. It is a shame the direction they are taking with their balisongs lately. They need ot get back to building high end, tough metal balisongs. Get away from this new...
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    Did someone say Bali-Kit?

    Nice, do you have an estimate at MSRP? Nothing written in stone as I know this is early in the design phase. Just wondering what you might be looking to get for such a kit?
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    Taipan Balisong G-10 Proto mockup

    Is it my imagination or do those stop pins look like they are backwards? Meaning the balisong would not operate properly?
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    Adjustable latches

    I think the idea is common, similar to the idea of using bearings in the handles. Just natural advancment to the balisong knife design.
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    A little different

    How did you ruin it if I may ask?
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    For my good friend

    No problem as it has a kicker. You can flip that easily.
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    Any of our Knife makers have any bali's in there future plans?

    I do, but I am not a knife builder. Not yet anyway!
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    Who is your favorite bali maker?

    Dobruski Marlowe Les Vorhees Olofson Gracien Too many to list I think. There are many nice customs out there right now.
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    What exactly turns you guys on by Balis?

    Many with skills using a balisong can open them pretty fast and with one movement...
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    Balisong Kit Input Needed -- Give us your thoughts

    Any early design pics or concept drawings?
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    Balisong Kit Input Needed -- Give us your thoughts

    Would be very cool to have a kit that offers more then one type of blade. Such as: Wee Hawk High Hallow Bowie Tanto The person could buy the initial kit and then purchase the blade type they like. Might be an option. I think you could try and keep the price down as much as you can by...