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  1. oldoak

    Bowies - The Cowboy and The Gambler

    Since we're mostly all locked down with nowhere to go, thought I'd post some knives from from the last couple of years just because we like knives! These are bowie knives I made a while back for a collector friend of mine. The Cowboy The Gambler CAST IN ORDER OF...
  2. oldoak

    Two Hunters Damasteel and Ironwood (picture heavy)

    Two hunters to the customers own design. Both in Damasteel and Desert Ironwood. With stainless guards and bolts, and handmade fitted leather sheaths, one plain one tooled. Thanks for looking.
  3. oldoak

    "Guide Knife"

    I wanted to try to evoke the kind of knife that wouldn't look out of place on sale in an outfitters in 1920s Nairobi, for the hunters going on safari. 'Guide knife' in 67layer stainless with Takefu VG10 core. Blade approx 145mm, overall length approx 270mm. Full flat grind with micro...
  4. oldoak

    Hi knife dogs, from the UK.

    Hi all, I'm a maker from the UK. Have concentrated on fixed blades so far but looking to start making slip joints. Regards Ian