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    Spyderco Tenacious Custom Scale Ultralight

    Very handsome job, Doug. :) What kind of wood and how is it treated?
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    I have to brag!

    As Muhammad Ali once said, "It ain't braggin' if you can do it." Nice work.
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    I'm Back...With A New Hip

    Congrats on a good outcome and thanks for sharing. Continued good luck. :)
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    2021 KITH???

    I'm not a knife maker. I can barely make a sandwich. My job here is to sit quietly on the sidelines and learn from you guys. :)
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    2021 KITH???

    I did the search. I'm way out of my league, so I'll just watch. :D
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    2021 KITH???

    KITH = Knife In The Hole? :confused:
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    End consumer best sharpening solution?

    Degrees Per Side.
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    End consumer best sharpening solution?

    I bought three of those when they got a good write-up in a magazine. This was years ago. I still have them. I agree with @Daniel Macina.
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    End consumer best sharpening solution?

    I am a "beginner sharpener," so this is something that I am thinking about. I don't own one yet, but the Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker is worth looking into. Spyderco says it will make any knife screaming sharp, as long as it's not totally trashed when you start. For me, I wouldn't use an...
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    Gun-Kote sources?

    @billyO: Totally cool. :)
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    Surgery-Thoughts and Prayers for my daughter (Update)

    I wish I could do more than thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing like this on our forum, and for giving us the privilege of offering our support. Good luck.
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    First Higonokami.

    My brain just exploded. That is totally awesome. On my screen, the copper looks like beautiful, textured leather, and the metal of the blade looks like patterned green. Too much goodness here. :)
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    ancient sea cow bone

    @FORGE: Gotta go OT just to say: That Damascus is really, really impressive. And I don't even like Damascus. :D. The handles are nice, too. :)
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    Framelock flipper

    I've been waiting for a knife that looked like cracked mud. Just kidding. Don't pay any attention to me. I need to be banned. The knife looks really cool. I've heard of Nitro-V, but I don't know anything about it. Is that a hollow grind on the blade? Cheers. :)
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    Ferric Formula

    @Randy Lucius @Bruce McLeish: Simply outstanding, gentlemen. Great work. :)
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    Finally Finished My First Framelock

    Looks good. Congrats. Wish the pics were showing up better on my screen. Is the titanium blue-ish? What color are the screws? What's the grind and blade length?
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    What Is A "Doubly Convexed Balde"?

    I'm not an expert. Really, really not. :) Your point about the full flat grind makes sense to me. But did they have fire steels in the late 1890s? Also, I thought the video said that Kephart even tapered the tang, which, if it means anything, might mean that they just liked the feeling of a...
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    What Is A "Doubly Convexed Balde"?

    My Guess: Historically, knives were thinner during the period. Also, Kephart liked a slicey knife. YouTube knife maker William Collins is similar in this regard.
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    What Is A "Doubly Convexed Balde"?

    In a video on the Ka-Bar site, Ethan Becker states that the original Kephart knife had a "doubly conveyed blade" (see video 1:58). Does he mean that it's a convex with a micro bevel? Thanks. :) P.S. I can provide a link to the video, but I'm new here, and I don't want to violate any forum rules.