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    Here is DOAlaboratories customized 51. I put a false hamon on the blade using different types of Cera-Kote,media blasting,sand blasting,and media tumbling.I then installed bushings.I anodized the liners rainbow and the clip emerald green.Lastly,I made some handles from Ti and anodized them blue.
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    Bali in progress

    Heres a bowie Balisong. It has a 4" blade of stainless, bushings and bearings,mokume inlays with titanium handles.I still need to install the retractable spring latch and a few other things,but she's almost done.Sorry for the poor 1
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    Todays carry

    I decided on the Kershaw Rogue today.Good knife,fires hard,large,and not too expensive.
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    X-Mas present

    This is one I made for a friend for Christmas.L6,5160,and 15n20 damascus.Stabilized maple scales.SS bolts for pins.Gold and silver inlays.Ceramic coated with texturized surface on the handle for a better grip.Thanks,McAhron
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    Display methods.

    Id like to see some ways people are displaying their collections.I know you all cant be like me and keep them in drawers.I'd like to get some sort of display case made with a glass front,tilted shelves lined with black felt and l.e.d. lighting.Anyone know of something pre-made that is similar?
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    Automatic Knife Forum

    I think we need an auto forum.Anyone agree?