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    Well done bro!
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    Szabofly Review

    Great review and pics Great review and pics!
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    orange black flipper

    Quite nice. What have you added at the end of the lock-bar?
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    damascus hawk

    Nice! I like the gentle curves.
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    Pipe Hawk #2

    Awsome John.
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    Rawhide Wrap Hawk

    Well done!
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    Benchmade Model 53

    I dont understand knocking this knife.A custom collaboration under 200$ is great.TI and G-10 are similarly priced when bought in bulk.Also it is the material the designer wanted.So when your knocking BM your also knocking Marlowe as this is a near exact replica of his custom design.
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    3" ti balisong

    Your improving quickly.Keep up the good work!!!
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    New sword, new photographer

    Thanks Kevin.I am very found of the wrapping style.
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    New sword, new photographer

    A masterpiece for sure.Is the outer bar one piece folded at the tip or two welded together?
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    My first and last sword

    Very nice.Why your last?
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    Small Dagglisong

    Congrats,thats my favorite you've made yet!
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    RMJ Tactical "Jenny Wren" Tomahawk

    Interesting design.Whats the weight?
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    Tomahawk rasp

    Well done!:35::35:
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    Katana, bujikan sword, what sword has an ultimate advantage?

    I would save up for a Lightsaber:biggrin::lol::001_tt2:
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    WIP for G2 in Las Vegas

    Looking good Les!
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    Pipe Hawk from Rail Clip

    Very fine work! If you haven't joined The Engravers Cafe,and Hand Engravings Forums, please do.Both are a International community of engravers.
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    New Folts Sword

    Nice job by both of you!
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    Woolly mammoth bone

    Maybe my favorite2thumbs