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    Belt Grinder for Sharpening

    I used to post here pretty frequently but fell off of knife making for a while, now I need some semi-related help. I work in a kitchen and have recently been given the task of taking over for our sharpening company (they are terrible). However since this is going to be regular sharpening for 3...
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    Official KnifeDogs Summer 2014 KITH PHOTO Thread!

    I received my knife a while ago, forgot to post here saying I had. Mine has already entered my every day carry as a back up in my backpack.
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    Official KnifeDogs Summer 2014 KITH PHOTO Thread!

    Have had a busy week around here, I should be able to ship it within a few days.
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    Official KnifeDogs Summer 2014 KITH PHOTO Thread!

    Just finished mine today. I just need to make the belt loop for it and it will be ready to go Knife specs: Natural Micarta handle stainless pins 1095 blade ~3.75" blade Just under 8" overall
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    Looking for a source for Tek lok belt loops or similar

    I usually buy them from Tracy at usaknifemaker but they are currently out of stock. Does anybody know of a source for these or a similar belt loop that allows for the knife to be removed without taking off the belt? thank you for any replies -Cameron
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    Official KnifeDogs Summer 2014 Knife in the Hat (KITH) Thread

    is it too late to join this? I have been working on a knife for this years KITH but just noticed I'm not on the list... turns out I never actually posted in this thread like I thought. - Cameron
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    Finishing stabilized wood at the ricasso area after glue up.

    After months of school and not having time to work on knives I was chomping at the bit to get started on a knife intended to be a gift for my grandfather. problems is I forgot to finish the wood that was going to be up against the blade before gluing it together. To make things worse I also...
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    Having to hand up Grinding knives for a while.

    I'm sorry to hear about this. Hope you get your health issues under control soon. I'm glad to hear you are not giving up knives completely and that you will still be around here. You have helped many people on here greatly including me and I am thankful for it.
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    WTS: Benchmade Bone Collector, full sized, D2 steel, exc condition

    Can the axis lock be operated with just the thumb or does it need to be moved using both thumb and index finger? Thank you, -Cameron
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    neck knives

    knives look great. I like how the sheaths match the handle material. Where did you find that clear Kydex I have never seen that before.
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    Good "practice" Steel

    To be honest I would just get some basic 10xx steel. You have already spent quite a bit on tool acquisition and from Aldo you can get a 4' bar for about $15 plus shipping. You can just buy steel that will last you a while so you don't have to bother finding more after you make one. If you are...
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    Knife that nearly took my finger

    Hopefully I will be able to get most of the range of motion back but it is unlikely I'll get it all. Same story with the sensation because i completely severed the nerve its unlikely I'll ever get the same nerve density back. But I should be able to get it to a somewhat normal condition
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    Knife that nearly took my finger

    The cut was pretty severe. I severed both of the tendons in the finger, the nerve and the artery. Just so it isn't too graphic I'll post it after stitching it up before the surgery to repair it. I'm very pleased with how this handle turned out and I'll definitely be using it again. The...
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    Knife that nearly took my finger

    This was a fathers day gift for a friend whose girlfriend wanted to buy him one. The week before fathers day week end I had the knife finished but I needed to make the sheath, but before I did that I cut my right index finger with it. Here I am 3 and a half months later and it is finally...
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    Just finished this utility/hunter?

    that looks like a nice little hunter. You are the first maker near me I have found here. I live about an hour away from Fresno, nice to know I'm not the only one with this hobby around here.
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    Clip Point w/ DM

    If this is what a knife you didn't want to sell looks like, you can feel free to send all your duds to me I'll take care of them for you. it looks great, I really like the burl you have on it. Is it redwood?
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    did I mess up??

    I do not do my own HT or pretend to know all that much about it so take thoughts with a grain of salt, but from what I have read I believe that you would have to heat the knife to a higher temperature to temper the blade more than it already is. Hope this helps
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    Cut my finger, having surgery to repair damage tomorrow. requesting prayers

    That's what I ended up buying, I thought I would play it safe and get one bigger. I got the stitches out last week and everything looks to be healing well, though slowly. The doc said I should have most of the strength and some of the range of motion back in 3 months. hopefully I can get back to...
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    Where to send Elmax for HT

    A friend of mine wants to make 2 knives and wants the best stainless he can get, so I showed him Elmax. I have no idea where would be best to send it or how much HT would cost approximately. Also, is Elmax a tricky steel to work with as a beginner and are there any warnings or advice about...
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    Official Summer 2013 KnifeDogs Knife in the Hat Thread

    As much as it kills me to do this, I severely cut my right index finger Monday and will not likely be able to finish the knife. I'm going to have to ask to pull my name from this. I hope everyone has a great time with what they receive and I am looking forward to doing this next year.