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    Forge vent inside? Any running in enclosed space? CO levels?

    I have a 10" heat and air duct hooked to an old cast iron hood. I installed a draft inducer in the duct and it is variable speed, with the draft inducer running on high the hood is like a vacuum cleaner. I f you search the net, you will find a draft inducer. It is a squrril cage fan that runs...
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    Forged file knife

    Interesting, nice job! Sent from my XT1055 using Tapatalk
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    Random Pattern/African Blackwood

    Yes Steve, I made it all, I need to get that W pattern on the flat. Mike, I will be at Ray's.ī
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    Random Pattern/African Blackwood

    While I'm layed off I have time to play.
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    Subhilt figther

    Excellent job!
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    Next KCKA Shop Tour

    I am so glad to be a member of th KCKA. We have a great group, we all share and advance our skills together. I gained so much new and useful information and it was fun. Thank you to all who attended and helped set up. I look forward to seeing all of you again. Steve
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    Next KCKA Shop Tour

    This has given me the opportunity to get my behind in gear and clean things up around here. So far the forecast is for temps in the lower 90s. I look forward to seeing you all here.
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    What's everyone working one?

    That's a beauty, collector for sure!
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    Damascus and Elk hunter

    Really like that knife!
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    Just Because Give Away - Arkasas Black Stone

    Knife Dogs Is The Best!
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    Knife GAW

    I'm in, thank you!
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    Phil, sorry for the late return. I have been working all three shifts and very busy. I have not...

    Phil, sorry for the late return. I have been working all three shifts and very busy. I have not been on this forum for a very long time. Yes I'm ready for the shop tour! I think I have things under control, thank you for offering help. When the time draws near I will keep you in mind. It will be...
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    New JS; David Sloan

    Congratulations Dave, I look forward to seeing those knives.
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    What's everyone working one?

    In progress This is my first damascus blade that welded throughout, it is forty layers of 1095 and 15n20.-
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    Osage Orange Burl

    I like making wooden sheaths for my knives, this knife is 440c with osage orange burl and ss bolters. I need to work on my photography.
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    Name Change

    Thanks for the fast response!
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    Name Change

    Could I have my name changed to Steve Hansen? Thank You!
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    Knives of KCKA

    Skinner 5160 with hedge burl and 416 ss guard and spacers
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    Another Trailing Point

    I really like that one!