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  1. Knifeologist

    Bob Loveless - 41 Individual Knives + Collage

    Spectacular! A great collection of Loveless knives and wonderful photography.
  2. Knifeologist

    Post your knives on FaceBook

    I started a Custom Knives Community page on Facebook. Feel free to post pictures of your knives. here is a link;
  3. Knifeologist

    Matchlock Axe/Pistol

    This is going to be good! Think I'll sit back have a:44:of coffee and enjoy the show.
  4. Knifeologist

    A few more for the collection, picture heavy.

    Great thread, nice collection. Fun watching the collection grow. Quesenberry and Bump two really nice guys and top quality knife makers.
  5. Knifeologist

    A new member's collection. Picture heavy

    Nice collection, especially like the Hartsfield.
  6. Knifeologist

    The greatest week in Knifedom!

    Tuesday, January 17, 2012 through Sunday, January 22, 2012. The Shot Show runs Tues. 1/17 through Fri. 1/20, the Premier Knife Auction is Fri. night the 20th at the Wynn and admission is free, the Tactical Invitational is Sat. night the 21st at the Palms Hotel inside the Playboy Club with some...
  7. Knifeologist

    The Strauss Pirate 36 caliber

    Thanks for doing the W.I.P. on this, it's going to be fun watching the progress.
  8. Knifeologist

    Blade Show

    So who from the KCKA is going? I'll be at table 9F.
  9. Knifeologist

    Custom Knives Community page on Facebook

    Check it out, start or participate in a discussion or post some pictures
  10. Knifeologist

    Arkansas Knifemakers Association Show

    Attended the AKA show last weekend. You guys (KCKA members) ought to consider attending in the future it's a pretty good show and only about a day's drive for most. Here is a link to their website which will have information on the show AKA. I believe a number of KCKA members are familiar...
  11. Knifeologist

    Favorite EDC Knife

    Been carrying this Michael Burch piece for about a year now.
  12. Knifeologist

    unknown custom(?) knife

    No matter, for a buck, great score.
  13. Knifeologist

    Brian Hochstrat engraved Ron Lake folder

    Buddy, great picture. Thanks for sharing. It was nice getting to meet you in Little Rock, paths crossed so many times but we never really got to say hello/acknowledge each other before.
  14. Knifeologist

    Anyone going to any of the Las Vegas Shows?

    The Tactical Invitational which will be Saturday 1/15 at the Palms and has a stellar line up of makers, the Antique Arms/Sporting Arms/Knifemakers Invitational takes place Fri/Sat/Sun (1/14-16) and is always fun with lots of interesting stuff especially in the Antique Arms section. The S.H.O.T...
  15. Knifeologist

    What's everyone working one?

    Some nice look'in stuff guys, keep up the good work and posting those pics.
  16. Knifeologist

    PKA Show In Denver

    Looking forward to checking out your knives. I attended this show for the first time last of my son's attends Univ. of CO @ Boulder and it is the same weekend I drop him off for school. I got a table and it was a decent show for me sales wise plus fun as always hang'in with...
  17. Knifeologist

    A G Russell Show Aug 7/30 - 8/1

    Any KCKA members going? I'm not setting up at the show but I do plan to go. Let me know if you setting up and I'll stop by and say hello.
  18. Knifeologist

    New JS; David Sloan

    Congrats, nice looking knives.
  19. Knifeologist

    KCKA @ Blade

    I'll be set up at 9F, come say hello.
  20. Knifeologist

    Anyone from KCKA going to be at the Janesville Show this weekend?

    General consensus from speaking to several people was that sales at the show were a bit slow. Seemed to me that the isles were pretty crowded part of Friday and most of Saturday. I normally would share a table with a friend but due to several cancellations I ended up getting a table. I sold...