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    Greetings here is something i just finished .was just about to ship it when i thought hey you should post some pictures before you ship it out so here ya go!!
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    Proto type Bali

    Greeting's all Some here know me from other forum's . im putting up for Sale my first ever Sandwich constructed Bali Spec's are Ti Liners/Bolser's /latch and Fileworked backspacer's, all anodized green , olive green g-10 insert's,custom bushing's/washer's,pivot pin's all machined my me...
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    Greeting's all im thinking of making a W.I.P thread and need a Place on the web to hold the Pic's ?? where/a link perhap's ?? im thinking of my "First" Sandwitch style.. it gives me a excuse to use up a little of my Ti Sheet .. maybe wood/C.F scales Probably a M-2 blade :D:bud:
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    New Guy

    Greetings all !! some here will know me from other places .. some won't so lets check out this new forum ..