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  1. Nowicki

    I just started working with the guys at Blltimore Knife and Sword.

    I just started working with the guys at Baltimore Knife and Sword. I'm doing the wood handles. I am helping with guards pommels and assembly. This is one I helped on today. Rick fancied the guard and pommel. I assembled.
  2. Nowicki

    new stuff

    Got some new blood for the Hidden Forge Knifeworks forum: Matt Stagmer of Baltimore Knife and Sword will be adding some needed life to give more activity. Come and see.
  3. Nowicki

    Roller berring damascus

    I recently acquired some roller bearings from some riding jacks. Any recommendations for forge welding them into some billets for damascus?
  4. Nowicki

    Re intro

    I've been here a while but haven't posted much, lots going on . Hope to be more active soon and will probably opt for my own forum. New shop toys....and more to come. Larry
  5. Nowicki

    Hey I just found this place

    I'm late as usual. Work on the farm is finally slowing down and I get a little more shop time. More time to spend on the forums too. I got some new toys over the summer and plan to do more stuff.. It's been fun learning how to use the lathe. Larry