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    Random Pattern/African Blackwood

    While I'm layed off I have time to play.
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    Osage Orange Burl

    I like making wooden sheaths for my knives, this knife is 440c with osage orange burl and ss bolters. I need to work on my photography.
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    Name Change

    Could I have my name changed to Steve Hansen? Thank You!
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    Christmas presents

    Here are a couple of fillet knives that I made for Christmas presents. The blades are 440c, the bolsters are 416 and the handles are macassar ebony.
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    Stamp or Etch

    I have been making knives for about two years. I started out forging them and then a customer wanted stainless, so I started making some knives by stock removal. I bought a name stamp in the beginning and have been using it on all of my knives. I was told that I am misrepresenting my knives when...
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    Knife maker wannabe

    Hello to all KnifeDogs, I'm a self taught knife maker of 2 years and need some help so I'm glad to have been directed to your site.